AEW Rampage: The TNT Championship picture is murky

Prior to regaining the TNT Championship, Scorpio Sky promised his former SCU tag team partner, Frankie Kazarian, the first shot at dethroning him.

Against the wishes of Ethan Page and Dan Lambert, Sky said he was honoring his promise and was intent on being a better champion. He honored said promise on Rampage. In Friday’s main event, the match was pretty even. Then, Lambert and Page got involved.

Kaz came close to winning a few times and nearly put Sky to sleep. As he was fading, Lambert ran down to the ring to distract the ref. This perfectly set up Page to hit Kazarian with the title. Kazarian fell on his back and Sky fell on top of him, but Kazarian got his shoulder up on the two count. Sky immediately put him in the TKO to retain.

As they’re celebrating, Kazarian tells his friend what happened. An incensed Sky asked Lambert and Page if it’s true. The camera cut over to former TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti. They saw the whole thing play out and Jericho remarked that Guevara “isn’t a stooge.” Sky emphatically asked Page if it’s true. Page grabbed Lambert’s mic and yells, “yeah, I did, Sky! I did it! I did it for the team! I did it for you! What freaking team are you on?” 

After going nose to nose, Sky turned around and laid out his former tag team partner with the TNT Championship. Lambert said he loves it when a plan comes together while Men of the Year embrace. As they beat up Kazarian, Lambert turned his attention to Guevara and Conti. He made yet another lazy, misogynistic comment about Conti. They climbed the barricade and rushed the ring, but it was too late.

Now what? Sky is firmly a heel, as is Guevara. No one is clamoring for a rubber match between these two right now. It’s possible that Christopher Daniels wants to make Sky pay for what he did to Kazarian. Post-match, Kazarian demanded a rematch in SoCal at The Forum on Wednesday, June 1.

Kazarian will most likely lose again, so what happens after that? AEW seems to want to keep Guevara in the picture, even though Tony Khan has admitted that he didn’t anticipate the fans not liking him or Conti as an on-screen couple.

After Rampage, there doesn’t seem to be a clear path forward beyond Kazarian’s rematch. Since wins and losses are supposed to matter, Sky may start facing the top ranked men. As of now, the title picture looks very murky and kind of messy.