AEW hot take: Kiera Hogan is a key member of the Baddies

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Kiera Hogan is an underrated member of the Baddies in AEW.

Kiera is a wrestler that tends to not be in the conversation a lot when it comes to AEW or wrestling in general. Even though she has an explosive and colorful personality, what she accomplishes tends to be very quiet.

Throughout her career, she has made massive accomplishments in the independent scene and major wrestling companies. That experience will be instrumental in pushing the Baddies to a new level as she continues to make appearances on AEW and the independent wrestling circuit.

What Kiera Hogan truly brings to the Baddies in AEW.

Kiera has accomplished a lot over the years in terms of championships including a WSU Spirit Championship, notable tag team title reigns on Impact Wrestling, and a historic Women of Wrestling tag team title reign. Whether she’s representing a company, group, or championship, she represents in a way that will drive the Baddies forward.

Her most recent match with Santana Garrett was displayed on YouTube where she was representing not only AEW but the Baddies as well on Warriors of Wrestling. The narrative of representing both in full glory.

The potential for the Baddies to turn into a full-fledged organization would take time but is very possible. It could be equal to the Bullet Club in an all-women form that most of us have been waiting for all these years since the Beautiful People in TNA.

The Bullet Club has been spread out through different promotions with no shortage of representation. This led to many championship matches and cross-brand altercations where representatives were involved in memorable matches.

As the Baddies continue to grow, the credit will have to be given to Jade Cargill, the leader, but also to Kiera Hogan. During her matches whether it was Mickie James or any other competitor, Kiera poured her soul and it shows what it truly means to be part of the Baddies.

Kiera has already achieved her ultimate dream matches and accolades that no one can ever take away from her. Now, she will continue to add on to those moments as an ambassador of the Baddies.

It’s hard to imagine the Baddies just being contained within just AEW. It will be interesting for future shows featuring Kiera and see more people wanting in on the Baddies section. There may even be more altercations with superstars wanting to take them on as opponents too.

In the future, Kiera is sure to revisit being a tag team competitor just like she previously did before. Just like her days bringing some much-needed Flava to the Impact Wrestling Knockouts tag team division.

That brings us to one other interesting aspect of Kiera’s game, very rarely does she walk alone. She is sure to get back in the tag team game once more and turn the Baddies into tag team champions throughout the independent wrestling circuit.

With tag teams like the Renegade Twins and the current Mission Pro Wrestling tag team champions Rache Chanel and Madi Wrenkowski. It makes for an interesting scenario where the Baddies can truthfully leave a lasting mark.

This could lead to total domination across the board in the independent wrestling circuit with Kiera’s track record for winning tag team gold when called upon. It would be yet another amazing step for the Baddies to take it a step further week after week.

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Time will tell when this potential is realized, but one thing is for sure, having Kiera Hogan is a major piece of the puzzle for the expansion that could occur before the year is over. Fans will have to stay tuned to AEW and the independent wrestling circuit to watch this development.