Impact Wrestling: Honor No More Losing Twice Isn’t Good Booking

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 04: Wrestler Matt Taven visits the SiriusXM Studios on April 4, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 04: Wrestler Matt Taven visits the SiriusXM Studios on April 4, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images) /

Honor No More is determined to take over Impact Wrestling and has done well to help generate ratings. However, they have also had two huge losses in a row in Impact which stalls their momentum big time.

Since the arrival of the villainous band of former Ring of Honor stars known collectively as Honor No More joined Impact Wrestling, they have had a dominant presence. Resembling the day that the New World Order formed, men and women that had made their name in another company formed together with the desire of taking over a new company. Many of the former members of The Kingdom came together along with a few fellow Ring of Honor stars to take their anger out on Impact after feeling Ring of Honor had betrayed them. After doing so much in the name of Honor, they were going to do No More.

Out of the members of Honor No More, there is barely a title in Ring of Honor they haven’t won. There are multiple tag team and television championship reigns among the members including three members that have won the Ring of Honor World Championship. Every member of Honor No Moore has verified their spot in the industry and has every reason to be a threatening group when they all band up together. However, in the two matches that Honor No More has had five of their men in action, they lost both of the matches.

When Honor No More lost to the Impact Originals at Slammiversary, it was a shocking choice but it also made sense. The company was celebrating twenty years of success and much of the build-up to the show was focused on the people who helped build Impact Wrestling. While it would have meant much more for Honor No More to win this match, it does make sense with the Impact Originals getting the win and celebrating this special night as winners. Once a second ten-man tag team match was announced for Against All Odds, I had no doubt Honor No More would get revenge for their loss and win this match.

Unfortunately, for Honor No More and their momentum, they lost again to another makeshift team. Even though that team included two of the best tag teams to ever do it and a man fighting for his kids, they shouldn’t have won this match. They aren’t as well connected as Honor No More and “Wildcat” Chris Harris hadn’t had a match in Impact in years. The loss at Slammiversary severely hurt the group’s momentum but this about killed everything they had spent six months building. Now, they need to do something major and do it quickly.

While everybody is laughing at them for losing to both of these teams, Honor No More needs to strike fear back into the company and everybody that works for it. They need to take a look back at the start of Nexus in the WWE. We need to see Honor No More push the limits and show that they are their own entity and are a threat to the company. At this point, they have basically been beaten into submission by the Impact Wrestling roster. They have been beaten on their own and as a group. This could easily be the beginning of the end of Honor No More but it’s far too soon.

Impact Wrestling has something special on its hands with Honor No More. There is still time to save this group from its demise. It’s time for Honor No More to get some gold in their group and hold it hostage from the Impact roster. If you want to make Honor No More look like a true threat to the future of Impact Wrestling, you take all of the gold. It would be demoralizing for the roster and the company to see the likes of Matt Taven rising up and holding the Impact World Championship. Or perhaps we see Kenny King become a three-time X-Division Champion.

It could be so easy and tempting to start already bringing down Honor No More. There are so many talented members of the group that could be a star in the company on their own and we have seen them all basically do so. However, there is still so much potential for the group to go further in Impact Wrestling. They need to regain the momentum they had and they need to do it now before it is too late. After being embarrassed twice, it is time for them to get their revenge on Impact Wrestling in a most lethal fashion.

For the first time in six years, it is time for Impact to bring back another original. It is time for Honor No More and the Impact Originals to collide in a Lethal Lockdown match. Inside the steel structure, Honor No Moore should dominate whoever Impact puts up against them and come out on top. This is the time for Honor No More to completely take over the company. I am talking near New World Order levels for at least a year before somebody can rise up and take the group down and finally make Honor No More exist no more.

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