It is time to bring an end to The Judgement Day for everyone involved

Finn Balor on the Oct. 30, 2019 edition of WWE NXT. Photo:
Finn Balor on the Oct. 30, 2019 edition of WWE NXT. Photo: /

The Judgement Day isn’t working for anyone involved.

Remember The Judgement Day in WWE? The group crafted by Edge had a spark of interest when he and Damian Priest joined forces. The addition of Rhea Ripley further bolstered the group, catching the attention of some fans. It wouldn’t last long, as all that momentum is gone and the group is an afterthought. With no clear direction in front of them, WWE should disband this group before the damage done to everyone involved is even more difficult to fix.

WWE no longer do factions or tag teams well. The same organization that was the home of DX, The Hart Foundation, Nexus, and other groups struggles to develop factions with a long-term direction that pulls fans into their narrative. Main roster WWE is having a crisis with character development, but it’s even more glaring when it comes to teams. Even The New Day, a group that is perpetually over with fans, is struggling to find a place on SmackDown.

The same was clear from Judgement Day the minute they were introduced. Edge and Priest went on long, winding promos that were meaningless well before the final statement. That staple was then transferred over to Ripley when she joined the group, putting one of her weaknesses as a wrestler at the forefront. What were they talking about? Why should fans care? Those were the questions that popped up that were never answered.

Everyone in The Judgement Day would be better off on their own

Now, Finn Balor is at the helm, Ripley is injured, and The Judgement Day is feuding with Los Mysterios. Quite the fall for a group that originally featured three over, and well-protected members of the WWE roster. Reports of disagreement around the group’s creative direction don’t help the idea that there’s a solid plan for this faction. At first glance, the idea of putting Balor, Edge, Ripley, and Priest together should be one that creates excitement and interest in what’s coming for their future, but in today’s WWE each one of the members is better off on their own rather than this pointless faction.

Priest was one of the few success stories of what a call-up from NXT should look like. He surged to a midcard title and was looking like one of the few individuals that could become champion in 2022 or 2023. Balor remains well-loved among fans and there was hope that he could help rebuild the midcard title picture. Ripley was heading toward a generational feud with Bianca Belair. And Edge remained an icon that was always in the thick of things within WWE since his return. All that momentum is gone for each one of those individuals and the point started when The Judgement Day was created.

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WWE could fix this situation if the care for character development and storylines was present. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for a long time. Fans will instead be subjected to more of the same until they are broken up as if they never truly existed. That is what is best for everyone involved.