Impact Wrestling: Who Is The Wrestler of the Mid-Year?


Impact Wrestling has been knocking their shows out of the park. They have held their own in a wrestling world that pushed them away to decide if AEW or WWE was the better company. Impact Wrestling is determined to show them it’s them.

Impact Wrestling has had ups and downs since its creation as TNA Wrestling in 2002. However, twenty years later, many fans believe that Impact Wrestling is putting on its best shows ever. It is arguable that Impact Wrestling has a lot to thank Kenny Omega for. While Impact Wrestling was quietly putting on great shows and bringing great wrestlers into or back to the company, Kenny Omega’s arrival in the company after winning the AEW World Championship. Omega brought in the star power that Impact was missing to get exposure for all the hard work the company and the workers had been doing.

Since Kenny Omega’s time in the company has come and gone, he brought in many new and old viewers to see Kenny as the Impact World Champion and great matches with Impact wrestlers like the man he won the Impact title from Rich Swann and various others. Now, even without Kenny Omega, Impact Wrestling continues to thrive and the fans of the company are as loyal as they come. They have some of the best wrestlers in the world in Impact Wrestling including top-tier world champions like Josh Alexander and Jordynne Grace. There are former and future champions everywhere you look in Impact Wrestling.

You can put everyone that works for Impact Wrestling’s name in a hat and pull out one name and you can bet they are worthy of being a champion. There are plenty of talents that are on the top of their game in the company. With so many great workers, it is hard to attempt to just try and pick on as the stand-out star of the year thus far. Moose dominated as Impact World Champion at the beginning of the year before letting Josh Alexander dominate again. Deonna Purazzo has been on fire since joining Impact two years again and the likes of Mickie James, Chelsea Green, and Tasha Steelz have been killing it in Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling has given plenty of opportunities to its stars and they are shining every time. Stars like Chris Bey and Ace Austin have become major names for Impact Wrestling only to help the company grow by fighting in NJPW and even going as far as to being recruited by The Bullet Club. Impact Wrestling legends such as Eric Young, “Cowboy” James Storm, and The Motor City Machine Guns have returned home to Impact Wrestling and haven’t looked back. A bunch of former Ring of Honor wrestlers has signed with the company. The likes of ROH loyalists The Briscoe Brothers and the members of the villainous Honor No More stable now call Impact home.

You can argue but there is no doubt in my mind that Impact Wrestling has returned to doing exactly what its name suggests and is making an impact again. They have been working well with other companies allowing workers to come and go to gain more appeal and bring it back to Impact. It is great to see the likes of Impact Original Chris Sabin wrestling on NJPW Strong. It’s great to see Impact legends like Frankie Kazarian returning to the place that helped make his career. The 20th anniversary of Slammiversary was a great way of showing how far the company has come throughout the years.

Any long-time fan of the company has seen Impact at what seemed like the highest heights and what looked like the lowest lows. We have seen points where it looked like all hope was lost for the company and it is great to see them rise up and reach the place they are today. There is no doubt that the Impact Wrestling talent could star in other companies and that is why the company is so lucky to have them. There are plenty of candidates to choose from for the wrestler of the mid-year. However, ii believe that I have done my research and my homework and I am ready to give my answer.

When you add up all of the variables mentioned, the Impact Wrestling wrestler that deserves this honor the most, in my opinion, is Chris Sabin. Alongside his partner Alex Shelley, the Motor City Machine Guns have been given the respect they deserve since coming back together. They have been treated like a big deal in the company and have stood up against the likes of members of The Bullet Club and faced the threat of Honor No More entering into the company that they had helped build. While Alex Shelley deserves just as much credit, Sabin has done a bit more to earn this title over the past few months.

Sabin has gone into wars with the best that Impact Wrestling has to offer and even fought against New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s IWGP World Heavyweight Champion “Switchblade” Jay White on several occasions before he won the championship. On one of those occasions, Sabin would actually pick up an arguably upset victory over White. In singles and tag team action, Chris Sabin has been giving his all for Impact Wrestling. He has had tremendous matches with Impact future stars like Steve Maclin and with Impact legends like Frankie Kazarian. Chris Sabin feels like a bigger deal now than he did when he was Impact World Champion for a period.

The Motor City Machine Guns have reached legendary status in Impact Wrestling and both men are big deals when they are on the card. They were voted as the most impactful team in the history of the company even though they haven’t held the tag titles as many times as other teams in the company’s history. It just shows how much Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin mean to the company. They were both catalysts of the X-Division catching steam with Chris Sabin still holding the record for most reigns at eight. Then and now, Impact Wrestling wouldn’t be the same without my choice for the Impact Wrestling Wrestler of the Mid-Year: Chris Sabin.

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