AEW spotlight: Eddie Kingston and his never-ending story


Eddie Kingston has a story that tops all stories in AEW.

Eddie Kingston is a vocal, no-nonsense, and one of the more entertaining stars on the AEW roster today. When looking at Kingston, he provides something special that has always made him stand out, which is conviction.

The sharp-tongued superstar has a story that will never end in AEW and has interestingly enough become a trend. As AEW signs certain stars, Eddie Kingston will always be there as they make their way on the roster and it could lead to interesting confrontations in the future.

Eddie Kingston’s never-ending story with various stars in AEW.

The interesting factor with Eddie Kingston is that he is a known well-respected veteran of the independent wrestling circuit. There were a few notable events that took place in wrestling history that coincides with Eddie’s career before he signed with AEW.

There was a time when WWE went on an absolute signing spree and signed many stars from the independent wrestling circuit. Kingston was one of the guys who continued to build himself up in the independent wrestling circuit without being signed.

There were always thoughts about Kingston potentially signing with WWE at the time. Anyone who says otherwise is not being truthful with themselves. A chance to see Kingston on television during a time when watching independent wrestling shows was still hard.

It was soon a problem of the past as Kingston would grace people’s televisions and stream services when he made appearances on TNA and NWA Powerrr. It wasn’t about going to the biggest company, but showing his big personality on these stages.

Even though his time in NWA and TNA didn’t translate to championship reigns, what Kingston gained was far more important, respect. Fans knew that Kingston is authentic on television and wouldn’t change for anyone.

Just like anything else, there has been a shift in professional wrestling, and Kingston got signed by AEW. Yet another place where he can be himself on a big stage. The other factor came into play with former WWE stars coming into the mix.

Kingston is not a resentful type, but he is certainly a reminder of how this man never turned away from the independent wrestling circuit and built something on his own before there was ever an AEW.

That makes for an interesting scenario with some key stars coming in following their release. He has taken the direct approach with Chris Jericho. However, the signing of Claudio Castagnoli showed the other side of the coin.

Kingston may not get on the mic and directly give a verbal lashing, but he may be petty in other ways. Seeing Kingston join forces with Claudio and seeing the passive aggressiveness between the two is the perfect storm.

There were many who were signed to WWE who could have been an opponent to Kingston at one point. Now they are all in AEW and it only makes sense that Kingston approaches these stars a certain way whether they are opponents or teaming with them.

For some, it’s been a few decades since they’ve been in the same locker room as Eddie. Some stars were even on Kingston’s radar many years ago in the independent circuit. This trend will continue as long as there will continue to be former WWE stars who were once on the indies signing with AEW.

That’s what makes the sharp tongue superstar a popular outlaw and truly one of the best to never sign with WWE. He is truly one of the best AEW has to offer and having him stand tall like a soldier not just for All Elite Wrestling, but for what his career has stood for over the years.

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This ride is only getting started and fans will just have to keep an eye on who gets signed to AEW and the role Eddie Kingston will surely play as the welcome wagon for the stars and it won’t be easy as stars look to climb to the top of the company.