WWE SummerSlam 2022 Predictions: Brock Lesnar Will Smash Roman Reigns

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Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Mr. MITB Austin Theory [U.S. Championship]

Bobby Lashley will retain the United States Championship against Mr. MITB Austin Theory because he just won it from Theory at MITB and Theory does not need the title now that he has the MITB Briefcase. Although this is another rematch, the situation has become a lot more interesting after Dolph Ziggler attacked Theory on Raw this week. It can be surmised that Ziggler, who is a former MITB Winner, is targeting Theory for his newly won MITB Briefcase and will likely screw him in this title match to assure that all of his attention is on him after SummerSlam.

Furthermore, it is way too early for Theory to defeat a former world champion like Bobby Lashley, who actually needs this run as U.S. Champion while Roman Reigns hogs the main event scene.

Prediction: Bobby Lashley (via submission)

Seth Rollins vs. Riddle [Grudge Match]

Seth Rollins will defeat Riddle because Rollins needs payback for Riddle’s RKO from the top of the ladder at WWE MITB 2022 and needs to break his notorious PPV losing streak. It can be argued that Riddle needs the win more since Rollins rubbed salt in Riddle’s wounds after Riddle lost his tag partner, Randy Orton, and lost to Roman Reigns in their Undisputed World Championship match. However, Seth Rollins has to regain and maintain his momentum until his main rival, Cody Rhodes, returns from injury so that Cody’s final victory over Rollins is meaningful.

Furthermore, Rollins is a main event talent who should not lose to everyone on PPV. If he loses to everyone, the value of defeating an established star like him will inevitably diminish.

Prediction: Seth Rollins (via pinfall)