Five wrestlers that will benefit the most with HHH in charge creative

Last Friday will go down as one of the most critical days in the history of professional wrestling. The world of professional wrestling was given more news on Monday when it was announced that Paul Levesque, also known by the ring name Triple H was back in his old WWE’s Executive Vice President, Talent Relations position – which itself was shortly followed by the news of Vince McMahon’s immediate retirement. This week it was announced that Triple H would also be the head of the WWE creative team.

When it comes to putting on great wrestling shoes, wrestling fans should be excited because of Triple H’s history of running things in the golden NXT era. The WWE was wise to put Triple H in charge because this is something fans have wanted for years and granted, overseeing one or two weekly hours of Black & Gold television is a vastly different beast to handling five hours of main roster action, but still, there’s no doubting that this latest WWE development can be viewed as nothing but a significant move in the right direction.

Five wrestlers that will benefit the most with HHH in charge of creative

5. Finn Bálor

During his time at NXT, Triple H developed a reputation for signing great in-ring performers who were better wrestlers than we saw on the main roster. Triple H has a platform for some of the world’s best indie and international wrestlers at that time. Before joining NXT during the Golden years, Finn Balor was considered by many to be the best technical wrestler in the world in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Finn created one of the most popular wrestling stables of the last decade, The Bullet Club. Balor has had some success on the main roster, such as Becoming the first WWE universal champion. Balor would return to NXT last year and again capture the NXT championship. Now with creative changing, the 41-year-old could see a mega push coming his way soon.

4. Sasha Banks

The reports seem to change daily on whether or not WWE has officially released Sasha Banks and Naomi. If Sasha is still officially with the company, Triple H might want to consider getting her back to help with the Smackdown women’s division. Sasha Banks’s main issue was the creative direction of the women’s division tag team championships. Triple H has now been assumed as both the talent relations and head of creative.

This alone should make Sasha consider making things suitable with the WWE and returning. Sasha Banks is one of “The Four Horsewomen” — along with Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bayley — who came up in Triple H’s NXT Black and Gold era. If anyone can make amends with Banks, it’s Triple H.

3. Ciampa

The last wrestler on the WWE roster linked to the original black and gold NXT brand Ciampa has thoroughly established himself as a main roster member joining the Raw brand. Ciampa joining Raw couldn’t have come at any better time now that his old boss is in charge of the main roster shows.

Triple H made it his goal to make sure that Ciampa played a massive part in NXT’s success because he could play the lovable babyface and the heel fans loved to hate. If there’s any doubt about Hunter’s feelings towards Ciampa, look at his reaction to his last NXT match earlier this year. The respect that Triple H has for Ciampa can be seen during that moment, and he could be rewarded because of his loyalty to the golden NXT brand.

2. Gunther

Gunther (or Walter) was someone that Triple H was a massive fan of, to the point that he made sure Gunther was the top guy in NXT UK. Gunther would go on to have a record-breaking NXT UK championship reign that fans still talk about today. Now that Gunther is a big part of Friday Night Smackdown, it is only a matter of time before he becomes the dominant heel that we all know he should be on the main roster. Gunther is world championship ready right now and will have his moment sooner rather than later.

1. Cody Rhodes

Triple H has one of the most creative minds in professional wrestling today and knows where the money is. Since returning to the WWE, Cody has been built as a top babyface in the company. Cody’s injury is only a minor setback for a major comeback because the American Nightmare is a future WWE world champion. The best thing for Triple H to do is to build a storyline around Cody’s previous grievances at him and engulf them in a storyline that should propel Rhodes to having the main event spot at Wrestlemania.