WWE: The reality of the fast-changing landscape that changed wrestling

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WWE (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

WWE has gone through faster changes than imagined.

While reviewing articles over the years, there have been many WWE superstars who have either left the company or there has been a major shake-up that changed the wrestling landscape forever.

It really showed us that the landscape is changing at such a fast pace and there is truly no way to predict where WWE will be in the future. It has really made us think about what all of us have learned about this volatile time.

What fans can expect from WWE in the future?

The truth is, it’s not as black and white as fans like to make it. The changes WWE has gone through were a series of events that led to the most unusual roller coaster in the midst of a global pandemic.

The oddest events that took place in WWE were the releases that happened since the pandemic started. It was an unusual series of “budget cuts” that became a regular thing. The roster cuts were so plentiful that another company could have built an entire roster from that group.

WWE was going through volatile situations at the oddest times and it took a toll as WWE released some potentially big-name superstars. Some superstars moved on to other companies and others have not been seen again.

The constant shift in the roster with there not being a lot in terms of consistency left a lot of unanswered questions. Some of the names that really struck a hard were Dakota Kai and Ember Moon being released. These two superstars being released was a wake-up call that no one is exempt from being released.

That brings us to what happened after the annual releases with the walk-out of Sasha Banks and Naomi. Unlike previous times when WWE released superstars, this was a voluntary walk-out taking a stand against the direction of the company.

Most fans were divided on whether to support the superstar’s decision or not. The truth is when there is something going on at a business and there is personal dissatisfaction that reaches a boiling point, for the sake of inner peace, leaving is the only option.

This kind of goes hand in hand with the release spree that they want on. There was a time that there was a safety net in event of injuries, creative changes, or disputes. There weren’t many to fill the spots of Sasha and Naomi as they walked out.

Sasha and Naomi are major names, but there have been major names to walk out before. The difference is WWE had backup plans. WWE not having that safety net of stars was the perfect storm for this unexpected moment.

The cherry on top was the Wall Street Journal covering the scandal that seemingly tied everything together. Vince McMahon stepping down shook the wrestling world and took a lot of time to process it all.

There have been many controversies with WWE over the years whether it’s steroids, concussions, or notable incidents covered by media over the years. Vince seemingly always had an answer for everything.

The recent string of controversies that cumulated to this moment that forced him into retirement really shows that nothing is guaranteed. Even Vince McMahon himself is not an exception from the winds of change.

It brings it all to reality after everything that has happened in WWE in the last few years. It’s easy to speculate why everything happened the way it did. Fans knew WWE was going through changes at a rapid pace.

The typical cycle for change normally happens over the span of a year, but the unusual acceleration where it was happening in a span of a few months really taught us that nothing is guaranteed.

It’s to the point that an article written about stars’ success in WWE like Sasha Banks and Naomi, changed at a drop of a hat. In the same way, it seems like the once recurring criticism of WWE creatively seems to be changing.

Some fans are hanging on to hope and optimism that there will be changes. There have already been massive changes that are noticeable. Including bringing back Dakota Kai and Io Sharai as they stand side by side with Bayley.

There is a rumor that this is a group that was originally axed under the original ownership, and that’s a strong indication that there will be more decisions that will surely make it to WWE programming. More outside-the-box thinking creatively will force other companies to step it up.

The end result of this massive roller coaster will lead to more great changes. It has been a long time coming and it will lead to new things for WWE and it will have a ripple effect across the wrestling world.

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WWE will continue to go through changes and these massive events that happened during the pandemic have been emotional and even ugly at times. This is a new start for WWE and fans will have to pay close attention to all shows to witness this new era for WWE and wrestling.