Lex Luger on new Biography doc, scrapped WWE Icons special, and Ric Flair’s Last Match


Following episodes on The Undertaker, Goldberg, The Bella Twins, and Kurt Angle, the latest installment of the second season of Biography‘s WWE Legends series airs this Sunday, Aug. 7 on A&E. It will focus on the legendary Lex Luger.

WWE previously announced that WWE Icons, a Peacock-exclusive series, would chronicle his career and life last summer before it was scrapped at the last minute without explanation. It has since been revealed that most of the footage used in that doc has been repurposed for his upcoming A&E documentary.

“They pretty much had a wrap on it,” Luger told Daily DDT in regards to his lost Icons episode. “They came back and we did a few things to add in and update it, but it’s pretty much what you were going to see on the Icons special, which I think is great.”

Luger noted he had fun putting the doc together and filming for it, even though his nephew called him up disappointed upon signing up for Peacock over Fourth of July weekend in 2021 and discovering that Uncle Lex’s documentary was nowhere to be found.

“I felt for the fans,” he said. “A lot of them said, ‘Man, what happened to your Icons?’ There was some funny stuff on social media like a picture of a guy on the couch waiting for it like he was a skeleton. Some of them were ticked off. I was thinking, ‘Man, I hope they bring out what they were going to for the fans.’ I’m thrilled, I can’t wait to see it.”

Lex Luger discusses his career, WWE vs. AEW competition, what he thinks of the new generation of wrestlers, and more.

For him, helping put this doc together and looking back at his best moments and matches, along with the highs and lows of his life, was less about finding closure and more about taking a trip down memory lane.

“It’s never closure because, as wrestlers, until we breathe our last breath, we still live it and mingle with the fans,” Luger said. “I’m a part of the wonderful ambassador program at WWE, so it’s to be continued. It’s not a closure thing, but a lot of great memories.”

Among those milestones were his days with The Horsemen to start off his career, famously slamming Yokozuna on the U.S.S. Intrepid on Fourth of July weekend in 1993, riding the Lex Express across the country, and winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan on WCW Nitro, the latter of which just so happened to be 25 years ago this week.

On the subject of WCW alumni, Luger confirmed that AEW star Sting will be one of the talking heads in his A&E doc. He has yet to see what else it will cover beyond what he filmed for it and who else will be brought in to speak about his life and career.

Luger was also best known for his historic appearance on Nitro in 1995 after working in WWE immediately prior to that point without a contract. He’s in full favor of WWE and AEW going through a similar “war” right now and believes everyone benefits from it.

“I definitely think it brings out the best in everybody,” he said. “I’m all for competition and I know WWE is all for competition. We ain’t scared, so I love it. I think it’s great for the fans, it’s great for us as talent and wrestlers and for the creative teams.”

The 1994 Royal Rumble winner noted he keeps up with the current product more now than he has in many years and has grown fond of the likes of Randy Orton, Edge, and AJ Styles, who all do an exceptional job of blending the old with the new.

“It’s evolved, it really has,” Luger said about the business. “It’s evolved over a number of years and I started watching it a little bit more. It blows my mind what they can do now in the ring, the men and the women. Just the incredible athleticism and things we couldn’t even think of doing other than just a few guys. They’re groundbreakers with the moves they do now, just phenomenal athletes.”

He also caught highlights of his longtime friend, Ric Flair’s, final match at Starrcast over SummerSlam weekend and thought he turned in an impressive performance to close out his iconic career at 73 years old.

“I’ve watched parts of it and I think he did well,” he said. “I’m proud of Ric. I was so excited for him. He feels most at home in the ring and I was thrilled for him, I really was.

“Crockett Promotions were my beginnings,” he continued. “Even for our [Horsemen] photoshoot [at Starrcast] they had the original set replicated, so when we posed for photos with the fans, that was the only time the Crockett Horsemen had ever been at a photoshoot together for an appearance. That was really cool.”

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Catch the Lex Luger episode of Biography: WWE Legends airing on A&E on Sunday, August 7th at 8/7c.