WWE: Why having Shayna Baszler is essential for the women’s division


Shayna Baszler should be a pillar of the WWE women’s division.

When people think about the WWE women’s division, it’s how every competitor brings something different to the group. Those different styles and personalities were all instrumental in the evolution of women’s wrestling.

Along the way, WWE was introduced to the “Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler. A former mixed martial arts fighter who took on any contest laid out before her. She took on the challenge after her MMA career as she took on the endeavor to become a wrestler full-time through the independent circuit.

That’s what makes Shayna truly special and sometimes misunderstood by WWE fans. From the moment she made her official debut in wrestling to now, she has continued to add something special that makes her stand out and will always make her a force to be reckoned with in any women’s division.

Shayna Baszler’s unquestioned legacy of loyalty in WWE.

Most loyal fans remember Shayna Baszler and her lasting legacy of being a unique personality with a unique fighting style forever etched in MMA history. Whenever a decorated MMA fighter crosses over into professional wrestling, it can truly go either way. What Shayna had different was that she had a true passion for professional wrestling, even down to frequently training with another mixed martial artist with a strong love for the industry, Josh Barnett.

When Shayna debuted on NXT, she continued the same dominance and stayed true to her overall persona. Shayna has a special way of breaking every part of the human body with her innovative holds and strikes that sets it all up to leave her opponent vulnerable to any of her submissions.

She is not a fast and flashy wrestler in the ring, and there won’t be flips or big high spots. That’s something that seems to be misunderstood by most fans who have grown used to a certain style of wrestling that fits a certain mold.

There have been many fans who scolded her style for being slow, unenthusiastic, or not exciting. That’s simply not the case, fans have grown so used to the flash, that they easily forget the scientific aspect of wrestling. Shayna serves as a great reminder to fans who appreciate the style.

She gives massive technical proficiency in terms of weakening her opponents and feeding off that momentum like a shark that smells blood. Shayna is known for taking her time on a body part as a way to weaken her opponent before giving them the ultimatum to tap, nap, or snap.

Her calculated proficiency in the ring has echoes of her time as an MMA fighter when she would have that same calculated patience. It would ultimately lead to Baszler living up to her nickname as Submission Magician with creative ways to bring pain and make people submit. It was a style that translated well to WWE leadership as she has won multiple titles along the way, both individually and in a tag team.

The most underrated part about Shayna Baszler is the longevity of her career. Even though she debuted later than most for a wrestling career, she has made the most of it and accomplished so much in a short amount of time.

She has consistently been there and performing at a high level even with injuries, releases, and overall roster shake-ups. Shayna has consistently been there from the moment she made her WWE debut and continued to show why she is a force to be reckoned with on the roster.

Shayna lives by the saying that loyalty is everything, and that applies in so many different ways. Shayna stayed loyal to who she is as a competitor and loyal to her fans who have been there since the beginning.

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As Shayna continues her time in WWE, she will continue to bring that competitive spirit to the women’s division. Whether she’s on a team or by herself, she will continue to rack up victories and live up to her reputation as one of the best submission technicians of all time.