NXT: Fans are still not sold on Nikkita Lyons being a major superstar


Nikkita Lyons’ ongoing problem within NXT.

Since her debut in NXT, Nikkita Lyons has had a problem winning over fans and convincing them that she can in fact be a main person on the brand. There has been a neverending string of scrutiny and it has made it even harder to imagine her run recovering gracefully. Fans in the WWE universe have the most powerful voices and the truth is, Nikkita will have a lot to overcome. The skepticism seems to only grow with many elements to consider when looking at her as a superstar since her debut.

The hurdles Nikkita Lyons faces in NXT compared to before.

In the most recent episode of NXT, Nikkita went against Kiana James and the response to the match wasn’t the most positive. It has made us think about her journey pre-NXT and what it could mean for her moving forward.

When she appeared on WOW Superheroes, there was a clear difference between her stint on the show compared to now. Her career was just starting out, but there was no real pressure and expectations compared to now.

There were other stars on WOW such as Holidead, Jessie Jones, Amber O’Neal, Thunder Rosa, and many other veterans who held prominent spots on the roster. Nikkita was there during the tapings as an upcoming wrestler with no pressure.

She entertained fans as she sang her own entrance as she made her way to the ring and there were absolutely zero expectations as she continued to develop. She was a homegrown talent who was learning as the shows continued.

It’s a different atmosphere than NXT where she seems to have a lot riding on her. Especially since it seems WWE management is very high on her, for now at least. That pressure is a sharp contrast from her previous time when she seemingly had all the time in the world.

The other major aspect is that she is seemingly trying to find herself. Everything from how she presents herself to her overall wrestling style. It showed this past week on NXT as it made rounds on social media yet again after she went for a cannonball in the corner gone wrong.

She is only twenty-three years old and that’s a very young age for WWE management to be high on someone. That’s especially true since she is far from figuring everything out at such a young age and just starting out in the business.

She had an identity that seemed to work while she was with WOW, but now WWE has had different plans for her and it has left her looking awkward at times. It doesn’t help that she is one of the stars that is talked about in a negative fashion for her antics in and out of the ring.

The good news is that she is a twenty-three-year-old wrestler who may find herself eventually. There have been many current stars who went through awkward stages at twenty-three including Randy Orton himself. It’s not unusual for a young competitor to mature and turn into a competitor that fans can’t get enough of week after week.

Time will tell if Nikkita will grow and mature as a competitor. Whatever WWE has seen in Nikkita, it must be long-term potential that they hope to unveil. It certainly isn’t there right now as she continues to find herself, but one can hope things will get better in the future.

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Fans will just have to wait and see if Nikkita Lyons will show improvement over time or if it will be another case of a superstar that just didn’t work out. It’s too early to tell, and fans will just have to watch NXT in hopes of gaining answers in the future.