It’s a missed opportunity if we don’t get a Cody Rhodes vs. Triple H angle when Cody returns

Apr 2, 2022; Arlington, TX, USA; Cody Rhodes enters the arena during WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 2, 2022; Arlington, TX, USA; Cody Rhodes enters the arena during WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

I know Triple H can no longer wrestle. Anyone paying attention to the news on him over the last year knows that especially considering the pulmonary/cardiac incident he suffered. He made a public statement stating that he was retiring from in-ring competition and that’s more than understandable. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be involved in some capacity. Today we’ll be looking at one possible storyline he most definitely should be involved in. In fact, if WWE doesn’t capitalize on this, we’re talking about a serious missed opportunity.

We’re talking about a possible feud between the man himself, Triple H, and of course none other than “The American Nightmare,” Cody Rhodes.

To say that the two have real-life heat is putting it mildly. Since Cody’s departure from WWE back in 2016, he had been very vocal that a difference of opinion between him and Triple H was the source of his decision to leave the company, specifically Triple H believing that a lower salary was what Cody deserved rather than better opportunities. Cody opted to enter the independent circuit, building a new character for himself and a new direction for his pro wrestling career.

Well, he did more than that, racking in many belts and many accolades, wrestling for NJPW, ROH, and Impact, and helping to create and launch AEW. That’s old news of course, but worth mentioning here.

It was back in April that Cody went into his current relationship with Triple H since returning to WWE, being a tad secretive about the whole thing, but shining light that there are still a lot of unresolved issues there as well. Here’s some of what he had to say:

"“In the media scrum, I didn’t say what that interaction was like because I think that interaction to him may be normal. Here he is, upper management, one of the greatest of all time, going through a lot himself. Maybe just talking to me was another Tuesday…For me, it wasn’t. It was different because he is one of my favorites, Sting, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. I did model a great portion of what I was doing after how he had modeled a lot of the Game brand. But also too, I was very, very angry…That anger remains as far as how we saw each other, how he saw me and what I wanted to do. I wanted to channel that anger differently. It was a really touching moment. I didn’t tell anybody what he said, and I won’t. But it was a touching moment.”via (Transcription)"

Touching moment, perhaps…but for sure there’s still something to build a storyline off of there.

Cody built himself up into quite the commodity while he was away…something Triple H had little faith in. Well, Cody proved him wrong, and he retaliated in a creative way once he had done so much and built a name for himself in the indies and at so many respected promotions outside of the WWE…he smashed the throne Triple H himself had ascended to in his own career.

Wrestling fans will undoubtedly remember the moment. It was at Double Or Nothing 2019 that Cody Rhodes would smash to smithereens the throne of Triple H or rather a throne that resembled it perfectly, complete with Triple H’s symbol, and he did it with a sledgehammer of all things – Triple H’s preferred illegal weapon of choice. Cody had this to say at that moment specifically: “I think I wanted to make a statement on what we were doing, and I think what we did was clearly the biggest statement we could make…”

But for fans who knew the back story, we knew there was more to it than just that.

After launching AEW and having quite the career there, Cody did return to WWE, apparently brokering the deal specifically with Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard, as he mentioned in interviews upon his return to WWE.

These are two men who are no longer with the company though. But who is with the company still…? Oh yeah, Triple H. A pickle if ever there was one.

If Triple H would let any real-life heat between the two trickles into their business relationship, he’s not as smart as we all thought he was. Cody Rhodes generated a lot of steam upon his return to the company at this year’s past WrestleMania event. His subsequent matches with Seth Rollins are the stuff of Picasso-level artwork on the pro wrestling canvas, and the Cody merchandise alone went through the roof undoubtedly.

Cody of course was since injured…a pectoral tear that was very reminiscent of Triple H’s own tear from quite a few years back. Cody did wrestle with the torn pectoral, fulfilling his obligation despite the pain at Hell In A Cell (2022). He has since had surgery and is on the road to recovery.

So what now?

Where they could potentially go with this…

It’s quite simple…in the storyline when Cody is ready to return, it’s natural that he reenters into a program with Seth Rollins…but when they do finally have their fourth match, someone interrupts and causes him to lose….

Rollins could possibly be his last hurdle before Cody enters into a program with whoever is Universal Champion at that time, but now these plans have been foiled.

But by whom? Who could possibly have done this?

Well, again quite simple: Ciampa. But why? Because Ciampa is acting on behalf of someone…Triple H himself. Again why Ciampa? Let’s just say because he’s a Triple H guy. And why has Triple H done all this? Well, they could bring reference to their real-life heat—something that isn’t all that rare in pro wrestling—and references the smashing of the throne if possible.

I could just see Triple H finally cutting the promo, Ciampa at his side on Raw: “Vince wanted you back! I never wanted you back. To me, you’ll always be Stardust, a cheap version of your older brother and nothing more! You’ll never win a belt now that I’m in charge, so you might as well go back to that little company you helped start and beg for your job back…Dusty isn’t here to protect you anymore. This is my WWE now.”

And off to the races we go.

(For the record, I believe none of this fictional narrative I’ve written out for Triple H to say. I think Rhodes is a gift to the business. Just to be clear, dear readers.)

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Could be epic if they do it; it would sure make for great TV and an epic WrestleMania grudge match if ever there was one. It certainly would be a missed opportunity if they don’t.