IMPACT Wrestling should grant Lady Frost’s request for release


Every now and then, there are breaking news stories in professional wrestling that cause readers to turn their head and say “Wait, what did I just read?” That situation occurred on Wednesday when Fightful Select released a report about Lady Frost’s status with IMPACT Wrestling. According to their report, the organization has placed the well-liked competitor on the sideline after she requested her release, leaving her in a situation that does not read well for IMPACT Wrestling leadership in any way.

According to the Fightful Select report, Frost requested her release two months ago, but the company rejected that ask. Instead, she has not been used by the company and since her deal is a per-appearance contract, she has not been paid. The report also mentions that when Frost asked for her release, she was asked if she wanted to sit out the final portion of her contract, which would leave her unpaid for more than two years.

Acey Romero was on a similar deal to Frost, and he requested his release in August 2021 and was released a few months later in October. Larry D is another name that was on a similar contract and also requested and was granted his release in 2021.

The report goes on to highlight multiple other issues such as bookings that occurred when Frost informed the company of needed medical procedures, failing to reimburse blood work, her pay, and her overall status with the company.

Since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic, wrestling fans have become more in-tune with organizations releasing wrestlers or failing to allow them to go on their way after they ask for said release. It’s especially damning to read that Impact was willing to have Frost sit on the sideline for two years without income.

Wrestling promotions never win in the debate about releasing wrestlers when performers ask. In a world where they are still listed as independent contractors as opposed to employees, it is disconcerting when promotions take the steps necessary to hold wrestlers almost to a point of being “hostage.” WWE fans rallied around Mustafa Ali when he requested out of his WWE deal and that partnership was eventually reconciled after months of his absence. If this situation isn’t one that can be fixed between the performer and the promotion, then they should take the steps needed to release her.

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Lady Frost is a talented performer that would draw the interest of other organizations. Even though her resume isn’t filled with numerous championships compared to some of her peers, Frost is the type of performer that would strengthen a roster immediately. This report let out some details that will not shine well for IMPACT Wrestling and Frost should be granted her release to pursue other opportunities of her choosing.