WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Predictions: Karrion Kross Will Bury Drew McIntyre

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Mr. MITB Austin Theory vs. Johnny Gargano [MITB Briefcase]

Johnny Gargano will defeat Austin Theory to win the MITB Briefcase because Gargano is an established main event player who already knows what it takes to be a world champion, as can be indicated by his work in NXT, whilst Theory is not yet ready for that spot so early on in his career.

The fact that Theory is gloating about all his rapid-fire successes at a young age is merely building up to Gargano teaching his former protege a lesson and shutting him up for good. Furthermore, Gargano needs to win his PPV debut and this would be a great start to his main roster career.

Prediction: Johnny Gargano

Seth Rollins vs. Riddle [TLC Match]

Seth Rollins will defeat Riddle in a higher stakes Extreme Rules match to finally put an end to this feud and reestablish his momentum and credibility for a world title opportunity on the road to WrestleMania.

The fact that Riddle grabbed the same steel chair that Rollins used to stab The Shield in the back was not only a sign of his downfall in that match but also a sign that this feud is far from over. It can be argued that Riddle should get a win back here, but 50:50 booking will merely hinder the momentum that Rollins needs after losing so many PPV matches in 2022.

Prediction: Seth Rollins