Report: Multiple suspensions, possible Punk exit after ALL OUT


The fallout from the ALL OUT pay-per-view is changing the AEW landscape as we know it. Justin Bassaro of Sports Illustratedreports that suspensions have been handed out to Executive Vice Presidents and new Trios champions, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. Christopher Daniels, Michael Nakazawa, Pat Buck, and Brandon Cutler have also been suspended. As of now, it is unknown how long the suspensions will last.

The report also says that AEW World Champion, CM Punk, met with Tony Khan on Tuesday and “the two had an opportunity to discuss how that exit could be handled.” Ace Steel will either be suspended or no longer with AEW.

SI also reports that “an external third-party investigation will be conducted to examine what transpired”. It does not say when this investigation will begin and if that will effect suspension lengths or Punk’s exit.

AEW media scrum goes off the rails

After winning back the AEW World Championship, Punk headed straight to the media scrum. He was still bloody from the match and eating a muffin, likely due to low blood sugar from blood loss in the match.

Punk went on an angry tirade against Colt Cabana, Hangman Page, and the EVPs. For some reason, Tony Khan sat next to the face of his company and didn’t stop him. The press conference continued as normal as could be after that. Punk continued to answer questions as did Toni Storm, Swerve in Our Glory, Chris Jericho and Khan himself.

Afterwards is where things got even more messy. The reports haven’t been completely clear other than there was a “melee” involving Punk, The Elite (unclear if they went to the locker room as wrestlers or as his bosses), and backstage producer (and long-time friend and mentor to Punk), Ace Steel. Reportedly, Punk threw punches at Nick Jackson. Steel threw a chair that hit Nick in the eye and he also bit Omega and pulled his hair. Fightful Select reports that Brandon Cutler, Pat Buck, and Christopher Daniels tried to break things up.

The most surprising suspensions are for those that were reportedly involved in trying to diffuse the situation that lasted about six minutes, according to one Fightful Select report. Nakazawa wasn’t named in previous reports, but is a close friend of The Elite.

How AEW could’ve handled this differently

There are so many things that should’ve been done differently. Punk should have gone to shower, get his blood sugar under control, and come down from the post-win adrenaline rush. There was no reason to have him as the first guest for the media scrum.

Khan was sitting next to Punk as this was unfolding. He should’ve shut it down immediately. He should’ve either canceled the scrum or paused it temporarily to get Punk into a more neutral setting. Especially since Punk has been having issues with Page and the situation was already tense, if not volatile.

As Head of Talent Relations, Christopher Daniels should have gotten ahead of this. He should’ve been in the locker room to try to diffuse the situation. As EVPs, Omega and the Bucks should’ve been nowhere around until Punk was calm. They have every right to be angry with Punk and probably want to fight him. Being executives changes how they can handle things now.

AEW lacks structure, as former talent have said in the past. It was blatantly obvious on Sunday. The company’s shortcomings were on full display and now four champions are off TV, with one likely on his way out. Three of those champions are executives in the company. It’s mind-blowing to wrap your head around.

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The company is still young and this can be figured out. But this situation is a turning point for AEW.   New practices must be put into place. Wrestlers physically fighting each other backstage have been around as long as the sport has. With TV and social media, it changes how situations must be handled.

Hopefully AEW can get a grip on the situation quickly and learn from whatever the third-party investigation uncovers.

This is an ongoing story. Daily DDT will keep you updated as more info comes in.