WWE must avoid giving the babyfaces the advantage in WarGames


WarGames has returned, and for the first time, WWE main roster fans will enjoy the promotion’s take on the classic World Championship Wrestling gimmick match. As The Ringer’s David Shoemaker and Oliver Lee Bateman reported, the match will make its main roster debut at the 2022 Survivor Series.

A match that former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon refused to use out of sheer pettiness toward WCW, Triple H dusted off the double cage concept in 2017 and made it the centerpiece of his November NXT TakeOver specials for the next five years.

While those matches have their flaws, the WWE WarGames matches have succeeded from a commercial and critical standpoint. However, a recent trend has hampered a few of these, and if WWE plans on booking two of them, there are a couple of things it needs to avoid.

Stop giving the babyfaces the person advantage in WarGames.

Of the last four WarGames matches, two of them were structured around the babyfaces having the advantage, meaning that they would get 2-on-1, 3-on-2, and 4-on-3 advantages throughout the fracas.

This presents a few booking issues. First, it creates a scenario where the heels can’t get heat on the babyfaces without manufacturing some nonsense contrivance. It also leaves the babyfaces in two unenviable spots: they either look like bullies if they rightfully use the advantage to beat up the heels or they look like dorks if the heels gain the upper hand despite being temporarily shorthanded. Finally, you risk making the babyfaces look like chumps if they lose with the advantage.

Those negatives outweigh any positives a booker could think of to book against convention. And honestly, there aren’t any positives aside from giving the babyfaces the advantage “to shake things up” or because having two matches with the same format is “too repetitive”.

Look, we can all empathize with the monotony of routine, but sometimes it’s necessary. Similar to how brushing your teeth every day prevents plaque build-up and cavities, giving the heels the WarGames advantage eases the burden of putting together an already complex match.

If WWE believes that it can’t accomplish this with two matches, then maybe it should reconsider scheduling two of them for Survivor Series. However, Triple H has shown that he can put a men’s and women’s WarGames match on one show and book them correctly.

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Hopefully, he does it again this year, along with putting a roof on the cage.