It’s time for Bron Breakker to drop the NXT Championship


Bron Breakker is nearing 200 days as WWE NXT Champion. The son of Rick Steiner is continuing to progress in a positive manner, even though he’s running out of viable challengers in NXT. With the end of the year quickly approaching, fans should look at the Royal Rumble as the place where Breakker will make his true debut on the main roster, perhaps even ending as one of the final four in the big match.

NXT Halloween Havoc is on the horizon, set for Saturday, October 22. Breakker will defend his championship against two former champions, Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh. While this match is enticing for those who enjoy in-ring action, it’s hard to expect either of these individuals to be the one to take the title from Breakker.

Even though his first title run came to an end because of a similar stipulation, Dragunov nor McDonagh seems to be the type of individual that would lead NXT in its new direction. Even though the color scheme of NXT is heading back to its origins, there’s still an interest in characters that draw attention to the screen. Breakker is that for the brand, but he could be so much more if properly utilized on the main roster. With Triple H in charge of creative and talent relations, there’s more hope that things will go right when he finally reaches the main roster.

After Halloween Havoc, WWE will be in full swing toward the season that leads into WrestleMania. In NXT, the story of Breakker’s exit should begin, creating the groundwork for him to show up as an entrant in the Royal Rumble. It will be interesting to see who is given the task of carrying NXT once he leaves. Many will point to Carmelo Hayes, but he should be heading to the main roster at the same time, as he’s even more ready than Breakker in the eyes of many.

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Many complained about the transition from the original NXT to NXT 2.0, but there are some bright spots in the switch. One of those spots is Bron Breakker, who has emerged as a potential force that could power the future of the WWE. The time has come to begin his eventual transition to the main roster, with the first step being dropping the title at Halloween Havoc, creating the pathway that he emerges on the first major PPV of 2023.