Wrestling Rumor Roundup: Bo Dallas’s potential return and more


WWE delivered on their promise at Extreme Rules and Bray Wyatt made his anticipated return at the show. He closed the show and without giving out anything has got the fans glued on what awaits them in the coming weeks.

Bray Wyatt has unfinished business with the WWE and that is one of the motivators for the superstar’s work. The fans want to see what he does this time, especially, with the new characters being free from the Firefly Funhouse. While that shall be answered soon, let’s look at things that made the rounds of the grapevine all week:

Bo Dallas is coming to the WWE

Bray Wyatt is back in the WWE and it looks like his younger brother may be WWE-bound too. Bray Wyatt returned to an exceptional ovation from the fans at Extreme Rules, both in the arena and at home.

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According to Bryan Alvarez on his super follow account on Twitter, and reported by Wrestlingnews.co, Bo Dallas may be on his way to the WWE. We would have to see what that means for Bray Wyatt and if he would join the faction of his elder brother.

Becky Lynch’s return update

Becky Lynch is out of action and may be out for a couple of months before making her way back to the WWE. According to a report from PWInsider, Becky Lynch will be out of action for months, so she isn’t coming back anytime soon.

While this also means that she is closing in on her return with every passing day. Notably, Becky Lynch had a dislocated shoulder at SummerSlam this year during her fight with the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair to get her hands at the title.

Backstage reaction on Wyatt’s return

He’s here. The most awaited return of 2022 happened at Extreme Rules when Bray Wyatt returned to the WWE and did the show signing off. According to a report from Fightful Select, the return was appreciated backstage.

Bray Wyatt has a demeanor that is exceptional in every way. He is a fighting superstar, but we don’t know who would be his first victim. We have to wait and see the shows this week to see who the characters are, and where he wants to take those characters.

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