Ethan Page is a championship-level performer waiting for his shot


All Elite Wrestling has a roster packed with talent. The main event picture is adorned with the same individuals, but the depth of the roster goes well beyond the individuals that are frequently featured. Ethan Page is one wrestler that could easily succeed if given an opportunity at the top of the card. With several titles available in AEW, it will not be long before Page’s talent sees him putting one around his waist.

When Page joined AEW in 2021 the company picked up what some would call an impact player. Even though he was a multiple-time tag champion in IMPACT Wrestling, many saw him as someone that could carry the company as the top champion.

That never occurred and AEW shouldn’t make the same mistake. Page is currently involved with The Firm, putting him in an angle that’s near the top of the card, but not in the main picture. That shouldn’t keep him out of the hunt for one of the multiple titles in AEW.

For example, Orange Cassidy just experienced the biggest win of his career. On the October 12 edition of AEW Dynamite, Cassidy pinned PAC’s shoulders to become the AEW All-Atlantic champion. It was a big moment for his career, met with the adoration of fans. But in reality, Cassidy shouldn’t be seen as a long-term champion. He’ll pick up some wins along the way, but when it’s time for him to drop the championship Page is the way to go.

The opportunities do not end there. Wardlow is another babyface champion who is in need of a true threat to his championship. There’s a growing complaint around how Wardlow has been booked and Page is the perfect type of foil that can help get him out of that spot. Page isn’t nearly as big as the TNT Champion, but he wrestles in a way that presents himself as a larger athlete. It would be interesting to see how their two styles would match up if given the chance to work a feud and 15-to-20-minute match.

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There’s a slow rumble of fans complaining about AEW leaning on the same names at the top of the divisions. With individuals like Ethan Page on the roster, the promotion has several names that can reach the ranks of a champion if given the time. Page’s time should come sooner, rather than later to ensure the promotion doesn’t miss out on another valuable performer.