The case to remove ‘interim’ from Toni Storm’s title run


While there’s a lot to be desired when it comes to the booking of the AEW women’s division, one thing is true – Toni Storm is in the midst of a strong run. Since picking up the title at All Out on September 4, she’s remained active, taking part in many good solo and multi-woman matches. Fans and media members alike are enjoying her time as interim AEW Women’s World Champion, but when the time comes to drop the interim, who should be the person to hold the title over their head? The answer to that question is increasingly pointing in Storm’s favor.

Remember Thunder Rosa? The lineal women’s champion has not been seen since before All Out when she announced that she had to step away because of injury. As with anything else in professional wrestling, speculation ran wild about whether Rosa’s injury was legit and if she was being pulled for other backstage issues – which have remained a running theme for AEW throughout 2022. Rosa appeared on Busted Open radio and spoke directly about those accusations.

“It’s really hard when people are…approaching you and they’re still asking you because I have some friends that are still asking me if I’m faking an injury,” Rosa said. “And I’m telling you, these rumors are started by one or two people, and they just spread out.”

No timetable has been set for Rosa’s return, but when she does how should AEW handle the booking?

Giving Storm a lengthy run as champion should be a no-brainer. But there’s an opportunity to build this into a bigger storyline to involve both women. If Rosa is out until 2023, remove the interim label from Storm’s status and make her the actual champion. When Rosa is ready to return book her directly into the title bout, facing down Storm for an opportunity to get the title back that she never lost. This would be a good moment to turn Rosa heel and let her run with some of the frustration that is showing up in how fans have reacted to the situation at hand.

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Right now, Storm is the hot hand in the women’s division. Her run as champion hasn’t been perfect, but she elevates everyone when she’s in the ring, as a champion should. Many were frustrated with how Rosa’s title run was shaping up, which played into the rumors when she stepped away with injury. When the time comes for these two women to face off, Storm should go over – at least in the initial phase. There’s a long-term story to be told here which can help boost the entire division.