The Creed Brothers are the future of the WWE tag team division


Tag team wrestling hasn’t always had the place of prominence that fans would want to see in WWE, but times are changing. Triple H has made a concerted effort to rebuild the division, adding groups like Hit Row, Legado del Fantasma, Brawling Brutes, and more to a main roster that boasts some of the top teams in the space. But there’s one group in NXT that may be the future of tag team wrestling in WWE and that is the duo of Julius and Brutus Creed.

Brush aside the play on ancient Rome and the Creed Brothers are a team that WWE should give all the opportunities to grab that proverbial “brass ring.” At 26 and 28 years old respectively, Brutus and Julius are the makings of a team that could have breakout performances on the main roster. Plus, Julius has shown flashes akin to another standout collegiate wrestler that made the move to professional wrestling, only to take that world and mixed martial arts by storm.

After NXT Halloween Havoc, there’s a wonder how much more the Creed Brothers can achieve in that brand. Earlier in 2022 they picked up the NXT tag team titles and held those belts for nearly 100 days before dropping them to Pretty Deadly. Looking at the current state of the division, slotting them back into those battles for the belts would seemingly be a step back. Perhaps extending the feud with Damon Kemp by introducing his brother, Gable Steveson into the mix will help, but that will only delay the inevitable as well.

Think about what Julius and Brutus could do on the main roster. Imagine impactful angles with the likes of Alpha Academy or The Viking Raiders. Or learning from veterans like The Usos, The New Day, and more. There are several fresh matchups waiting to be had. Go ahead and start fantasy-booking them as a trio with Brock Lesnar, if need be, the potential for greatness in the ring is maddening. Then again, there’s always the opportunity to break Julius off as the singles performer if he shows the abilities necessary to carry a career in that way.

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If tag team wrestling is truly “back” in the eyes of those that lead WWE, then there’s one team already on the roster that can be the foundation of that future. Julius and Brutus Creed bring a lot to the table, and the meal that’s prepared can catch the attention of tag team wrestling fans once again.