WWE: Three Predictions for the Bray Wyatt Character


Bray Wyatt’s storytelling is next level, it’s impossible to predict, and that’s great news for WWE.

The WWE made major budget cuts in 2021 that many didn’t agree with at the time. Bray Wyatt was one of those talents that were cut along the way.  Luckily for them, Triple H was able to recuperate some of that talent back with the company, including Wyatt.

Fans didn’t understand why he was released in the first place. After his loss at Wrestlemania 37 in Tampa, Wyatt had one Firefly Funhouse segment before taking some time off. During that time off, he was released by the company unexpectedly on July 30th, 2021. The 35-year-old went dark for over a year, and we barely heard a peep of news. Almost immediately upon Vince McMahon’s departure and Triple H’s promotion to Head of Creative, we started getting teases at live events.

Between hearing the song “White Rabbit” and red lights at live events, QR code teases, and the flickering of the lights during matches, this was one of the coolest, most creative builds to a return I’ve ever seen. The WWE used resources they’ve never really used before, which gained a lot of fan engagement. The riddles and clues built up, and many had theories about who this mystery person was, and it all came to a head at Extreme Rules in Philadelphia.

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After the main event was over at the premium live event, the arena went pitch black. All you heard was “he’s got the whole world in his hands” along with Firefly Funhouse characters returning in human form all around the arena. At this moment, I counted SIX massive pops during this whole entire return segment that culminated in Bray Wyatt being revealed as the “White Rabbit.”

Since his return, Wyatt has topped the Bloodline in merchandise sold on WWE Shop and has given SmackDown the big boost in ratings they’ve needed. There’s no doubt that the Brooksville, Florida native moves the needle and gets people to watch what’s going on in today’s product.

It’s only been a few appearances on SmackDown, but it appears that Bray Wyatt is being built as the top babyface on the blue brand. I believe that is the right call, as the company should ride that wave for quite some time since the superstar’s run has been a heel for 80% of his WWE career. A fresh start is what’s needed for Bray Wyatt.

We have recently been introduced to “Uncle Howdy” as this appears to be a split personality of Wyatt, but nothing is confirmed yet. I’m not sure where the character is going, but I’m more intrigued each and every week. I can’t help but believe that all of this is under the creative mind of Bray Wyatt.

It seems as if we’re in the early stages of what’s happening with the character of Bray Wyatt. While we’re in the beginning of this character’s story, I would like to throw out my predictions of what’s to come.  Here are three predictions of what I think is going to happen with the Bray Wyatt character.

3) The Wyatt Six is not a faction, it’s six different personalities

I heard the theories about there being different members of a potential Wyatt stable, but honestly, I think that’s kind of played itself out. There will only be one Wyatt Family. Luke Harper has sadly passed away, Erick Rowan is no longer with the company, and Braun Strowman is on Raw doing his own thing. Anyone else in the company doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I’m not really sure how a stable makes sense for a babyface in this scenario. There’s not even a hint of stable mates joining Wyatt at this time of writing. The potential rumored names of a Wyatt Six stables revolve around Vincent and Dutch formerly of ROH and Impact Wrestling, and have taken on more indy shows recently, so it appears safe to rule them out. An Erick Rowan return would make sense and Bo Dallas would be an interesting get as well.

But in all honesty, Wyatt needs a solo run that he can thrive in as a character. “Uncle Howdy” and the rumored “Uncle Harper” look to be split personalities in promos, not actual in-ring characters.  You combine those two, along with his current character, Eater of Worlds Wyatt,  Funhouse Wyatt, and “The Fiend”,  there you would have the Wyatt Six.

A copy of Mick Foley’s “Three Faces of Foley” gimmick is much more interesting to me than another faction in the WWE. I think Wyatt would be able to thrive playing six different characters on TV. With more creative freedom, he can pull whatever character he wants out when it calls for it during a feud.

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The WWE can go hit for a single/ double by going for a stable involving Wyatt and others, but the home run play is six different personalities of Wyatt and he can have multiple feuds at the exact same time. Wyatt’s not just building six personalities either, he’s building his own universe as well.

2) Bray Wyatt’s first feud will be with Karrion Kross

I know what you’re saying, neither one of these two can afford to take a loss. Yes, while that is true, this match can be built up as a big match at the Royal Rumble event and/or a Wrestlemania match on night two. The question is how would you book it?

Karrion Kross is another one of those superstars who was released in early 2021. Since he came back, he’s been in a huge feud with Drew McIntyre. McIntyre and Kross haven’t had the best of matches so far, but for this to be his first feud back, they’re making him be an important factor moving forward.

When it comes to Wyatt and Kross squaring against one another,  you have two spooky forces pitting against each other. Usually, that translates well into a great match or a great series of matches. This feud has so much potential to be a Mankind vs Undertaker type of feud. If these two could have anything close to that type of feud, this could be magical.

There are a million different ways they can go. The promos backstage and in the ring would be electric.  They can have a regular match in the ring, a hardcore stipulation match, or a cinematic match such as a “Firefly Fun House” match. With these two creative geniuses, the possibilities are endless.

Booking the results of this is difficult, but here’s how I would go about it: Kross wins a singles match at the Royal Rumble, and Bray wins the rematch at Wrestlemania, leaving a third rubber match down the line when it’s necessary. I feel like that’s the best and most responsible route for both superstars going forward.

1) The internal feud with himself will result in “The Fiend” return

In the latest Bray Wyatt segment on SmackDown, Uncle Howdy told Bray that “he sent him away” and told him to “revel in what you are.” There was obviously a lot to de-code in that segment, but those were the two major pieces I took out of it.  I’m not sure how long this internal struggle is going to last, but I will tell you that this is a big hint that “The Fiend” is far from dead.

I think Howdy is trying to convey a message to Bray. Bray Wyatt has never felt more human in his life than he does right now, and while he is strong, he’s not as strong as he can be. That’s where Howdy comes into play, telling Bray to “revel in what you are.”

However, there need to be some rules in place about how WWE uses “The Fiend” persona on the second go-around. Bray Wyatt should only use his Fiend character in big matches on the biggest stages, such as Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania. Any over-saturation of the character is not the best direction to go in at all. Any time you get to see The Fiend live, it should be listed as a special attraction, not on every episode of SmackDown.

I also think during those matches he does use the Fiend character; he needs to be more human. In no way, Wyatt should not be getting up from 15 curb stomps time after time. You should have the character win nearly every match, but not selling every signature move is a no-no for me.

Those are my predictions on the Bray Wyatt character. What are your predictions for Wyatt as well as his future in WWE? Let me know in the comments!