WWE Board completes Vince McMahon investigation

WWE, Vince McMahon (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
WWE, Vince McMahon (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

During Wednesday’s Quarter 3 Earnings call, it was revealed that the WWE board had completed their investigation into former CEO, Vince McMahon, for misconduct.

According to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, with the completion of the investigation, “the Special Committee has disbanded.” The company spent $19.4 million on the investigation. Thurston believes that the price tag is separate from the unreported $19.6 million that McMahon paid out.

It is currently unknown if the board will release its findings.

Will Vince McMahon return to WWE?

With the investigation’s completion, many are wondering if this means McMahon will return to the company in some capacity. The filing says, ” Mr. McMahon can effectively exercise control over our affairs.”

Fightful Select reports that a WWE spokesperson feels like McMahon is “done, done” and will not be returning. They also report that another official noted that morale has been “the highest we’ve seen it in over a decade.” Another longtime employee stated that “everyone in the charge realizes that would be a major step back for the company, and that today’s filing instilled even more confidence in those that thought McMahon leaving would be a blow to the company.”

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In the midst of the investigation, McMahon retired and Stephanie McMahon was named co-CEO. There have been rumors that WWE plans to induct him into the Hall of Fame as early as next year.  With the investigation into misconduct no longer hanging over him, that could pave the way for McMahon to return to TV in some capacity. However, with the acknowledgment that bringing him back would be a step in the wrong direction, the company may decide to wait a few years before re-visiting the idea.

Hopefully, with the investigation completed, the women involved can begin to move forward and heal from their wounds being reopened now that the public is somewhat aware of what happened to them. In every story that comes out about McMahon and however WWE decides to handle them, the women must not be forgotten and McMahon’s actions must not be swept under the rug. Yes, he did great things for the wrestling business. But he also did life-altering things that can’t be minimized just because of that. Both things can be true.