What three wrestlers fill out the Women’s WarGames Match?

Last Monday on RAW, the build for the Women’s WarGames Match began. On one team, it will be current RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and two unidentified teammates. The opposing team will feature all three members of Damage CTRL (Bayley & IO SKY & Dakota Kai), Nikki Cross, and one more partner. With the first Survivor Series WarGames event underway in a few weeks, fans are wondering who will fill the final two spots for Bianca’s team and who will be the last member of Team Damage CTRL. Here are three names who could join these two teams.

Mia Yim (Team Belair) and Rhea Ripley (Team Damage CTRL)

Last Monday on RAW, Mia Yim made her return to the WWE. Yim would make a great fit for Team Belair because it would even up with the number’s game Damage CTRL has been playing against Belair for months. Yim would come to the aid of The OC to solve their “Rhea Problem”. Now that Rhea Ripley has a target on her back, these two can settle their differences inside the Women’s WarGames Match.

If Rhea Ripley were to join Team Damage CTRL, she would be the “Wild Card” in this match. Last week, after Ripley’s encounter with the returning Yim, she had a brief backstage interaction with Belair, hinting there could be a program between the two. Ripley does have unfinished business with Belair since she is somewhat owed a shot at the RAW Women’s Championship this past summer.

Tegan Nox (Team Belair) 

While most are expecting Candice LeRae or even Becky Lynch to fill in for Belair’s team, WWE could go a different route with who to choose as Belair’s teammate. One person who can join Team Belair is a returning Tegan Nox. WWE happens to be interested in bringing back Nox to the company. Hopefully, Nox can get her visa issues cleared for a possible return.

Last year, Nox was unfortunately released from WWE. So, why not have Nox make her comeback at Survivor Series WarGames? A story can revolve around Nox’s history with her then-best friend back in NXT, Dakota Kai. It was at the NXT WarGames, that Kai made her unexpected heel turn by attacking Nox. If Nox were to return to the WarGames Match, Kai could be someone for Nox to set her eyes on.

These three potential members can elevate the Belair/Damage CTRL rivalry headed to WarGames. Who do you believe should fill in the remaining spots for Team Belair and Team Damage CTRL? Leave your comments below.