Karrion Kross needs a drastic change to be a main event player


Big returns have been a major part of Triple H’s run as lead on WWE Talent and Creative. Names like Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Sarah Logan, and others are back, with varying degrees of responses from fans. Yet, there’s one individual whose return has seemingly created a universal thought that things just aren’t quite working, and that is Karrion Kross.

Kross returned to WWE on August 5, attacking Drew McIntyre with his wife, Scarlett by his side. Since then, McIntyre has been the focal point of his attacks, leading to the two men having multiple contests against each other. McIntyre fought his way out of Crown Jewel with the victory in the steel cage match, and there’s a hope that this is the end of the entire angle.

At six feet, four inches tall, and 264 pounds – Kross looks like he comes from the mold of comic book superheroes that many professional wrestling viewers enjoy. His background in combat sports gives him access to techniques and knowledge of fighting that should make him even more formidable and believable in the industry. Yet, something isn’t working. Whatever is causing that issue is not a new problem, as many fans frequently commented on the lack of appeal of Kross as a top champion while he was in NXT.

As Kross tore through individuals like Finn Balor, Adam Cole, Pete Dunne, Keith Lee, Gargano, and others – fans continued to point out that he isn’t a person that is “must see” television. That has continued the main roster. During his matches and speaking segments, it’s noticeably quiet in the arena. Compare his reaction to individuals like Cody Rhodes, Bayley, or Bobby Lashley – other names that were away for periods of time and there is a big difference.

Building Kross into a main event talent will be a true test for Triple H. Something about his presentation, character, and motives need to change. Staying the current course will further damage the credibility of someone that can be an important piece to this roster. Compare it to the situation with Austin Theory. Theory needed a massive change from how he was booked with Vince McMahon, to his booking under Triple H. While that hasn’t been the smoothest, there are positives to note as he was moved to the position, he’s in today and what his potential future may hold.

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Kross will need some sort of rebuilding if he’s going to be a successful attraction to the viewer. Right now, he isn’t working and the best bet would be to get him away from McIntyre and into a new angle with an opponent that can help build some interest in him as a big villain. WWE needs as many top players that can be perceived as stars and Kross needs a few changes before he can get there.