WWE: Should LA Knight Be Bray Wyatt’s First Feud?


Triple H has made a huge impact since he was appointed Head of Creative in WWE. One of the major improvements he made was boosting the talent of the SmackDown roster. By adding Hit Row, Braun Strowman, LA Knight, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, and Bray Wyatt, he made sure that FOX executives were happy listing the program as the premier wrestling show on television.

For Knight, he has come a long way from his SmackDown debut as Max Dupri. The Dupri character never hit well, and that’s not who he truly was. The shift back to LA Knight came not long after Triple H was handed the keys to the kingdom.

Now that the Hagerstown, Md. native has readjusted into a more familiar role, the avenues he could go down are endless. From talking about himself to gain heat with the fans to a potential Intercontinental Championship feud with GUNTHER, there are so many routes the character could go. However, the interaction with Bray Wyatt was something I didn’t see coming.

LA Knight has a boatload of potential, but should he be the one to first feud with Bray Wyatt since his WWE return?

Bray Wyatt being introduced as the “White Rabbit” and the person behind the QR codes was WWE’s worst-kept secret in the autumn months of 2022. His riveting promos have been heavily missed by the fans for quite some time. Now, He’s introduced “Uncle Howdy” to his mix, and there’s still some mystery as to what he’s actually trying to convince Wyatt to do. Whether he wants him to return as “The Fiend” or to introduce a new masked character remains to be seen.

Going back to the confrontation Knight and Wyatt had, it was one of the most interesting segments on SmackDown this past week. Knight was cut off during his interview by the monitor flickering behind him with Wyatt logos and a clip of Uncle Howdy. As soon as he turned around, Wyatt was standing three feet away.

What Wyatt said to Knight was intriguing. He said, “I think I understand you more than you think I do, I can see all that anger and rage brewing inside you.” Then, after Wyatt said he was dealing with some demons of his own, he then asked Knight how far he was willing to go. In typical Knight fashion, he dissed Bray and his puppets from the Firefly Funhouse without answering his question. Then, after seeing Wyatt getting all disturbed and bothered, he finally headbutts Knight out of nowhere.

At no point did I think this interaction would get physical at all. Usually, that means a match is on the way, and with Survivor Series: WarGames in Boston a little over two weeks away, one between Wyatt and Knight could be really fun.

The premium live event has only confirmed three matches, so the card is lacking match quantity, and this is a match I could see stealing some intrigue from both WarGames matches, as most fans love Knight and Wyatt. But is this the right direction to go? A loss to Wyatt shouldn’t hurt Knight’s character progression at all. However, we’ve seen how wrestlers come out of their feuds with Wyatt, and it’s a long track record.

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Nonetheless, I think this feud could work. Just think of the back-and-forth promos between these two characters. On one side, you have an arrogant egomaniac who’s so obsessed with himself and thinks that he can do no wrong, and on the other, you have this dark figure who’s trying to find out who he really is while battling with his inner demons. This could be a great feud between the two characters if they do it right.

Of course, this could be just a stepping stone for Wyatt, but Knight has some serious talent and that’s why he was placed in this segment with Wyatt. If they have a match, could Wyatt invite Knight to be part of the rumored “Wyatt Six” stable that’s being tossed around? I’ve seen crazier things happen in the past.

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What are your thoughts on a potential LA Knight/ Bray Wyatt feud? Could this feud work if it’s booked the right way? Where would you go with it? Tweet at me @Rich_Cardinale on Twitter and we can engage in a friendly wrestling conversation!