Ricky Starks signing with AEW is the free agency steal of the decade


Ricky Starks signing with AEW is the ultimate steal.

When Ricky Starks first signed with AEW, he had already made a name for himself in NWA. The momentum was on his side and it seemed like there was nothing that could stop him at this point. Ricky became the inaugural NWA television champion and fans knew he was bound for a lot more and he was a sleeper pick to be a future NWA world champion down the line.

It seemed like absolutely nothing and no one was going to stop Ricky from reaching this inevitable destiny. Then the world shut down with a pandemic and this hindered the wrestling world to the point it directly hit him as well.

The NWA was put on pause and it caused many stars including Ricky left with nothing. This pandemic was the only thing that stopped Ricky from reaching his destiny of being the world champion of the brand.

Eventually, Ricky signed with AEW and it set off alarm bells. The most interesting aspect is that Ricky was essentially up for grabs for every major company. Starks has been with AEW for two years and it has truly been the free agent steal of a lifetime.

Ricky Starks and his destiny for greatness in AEW.

Starks got signed by AEW during a time when wrestling companies were either on pause or releasing an influx of talent. During that time, Starks getting signed with all of that considered was a major miss from every major wrestling company.

He was deeply hit by it since NWA was on pause and there were no new shows coming out and he was on the fence, but that changed with AEW picking him up and realizing the star power that was out there.

It was the perfect signing since NWA went through significant changes and Ricky also stepped up his game and showed why he is one of the best on the microphone and a superstar who will simply not rest until he is back where he was always meant to be.

Even an injury couldn’t stop Ricky from appearing on the show so every fan knew it was only a matter of time before Ricky rises above the role with Team Taz and branch out on his own to win championship gold.

Starks has always been a notorious solo act, so when he broke away from Team Taz it was a relief. He’s a state-of-the-art athlete with a million-dollar voice and has never had a need for anyone to hype him up as a competitor.

He’s finally in his true form as a competitor in AEW and after being signed for over two years, Starks is in the world title picture. After he won the eliminator tournament, he will be the first challenger for MJF.

After everything that has happened, Ricky is right back on the road that he was down while with NWA. That road consists of going against a champion where the odds are not stacked against him, but it’s an equal match-up and heavily anticipated.

Every scenario is a big scenario whether it would have been against then NWA world champion Nick Aldis or current AEW champion MJF, there is no such thing as a transition or rubber match when it comes to Ricky Starks.

It makes for an interesting scenario since both superstars are silver-tongued athletes with a chip on their shoulders bigger than their respective egos. It will be a verbal spar with both superstars having so much to lose and just as much to gain from a potential victory or loss.

No matter what happens, it’s a bold statement that Ricky is in fact a major steal who could have competed on any major pay-per-view, arena, company, and against any champion. He is just getting started and it’s something that will only add to the company.

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Be sure to watch the showdown between MJF and Ricky Starks for the AEW world championship. As 2022 comes to an end, It’s worth mentioning that Ricky Starks will be more than worth having all eyes on him or 2023 as he continues his AEW run.