WWE Survivor Series: War Games Top 3 Moments


Survivor Series received an upgrade from its traditional setup and rivalries were decided in War Games. The evening featured two title defenses, a grudge match with former friends, and two War Games matches.

War Games delivered these three unforgettable moments 

With War Games being the final PLE before the Royal Rumble, it was necessary to complete storylines to build for the road to Wrestlemania. War Games not only accomplished that but delivered surprising outcomes for introducing this event to the main roster. Here are the top three moments from the Survivor Series: War Games.

Becky goes Big Time

War Games is the ultimate playing field of destruction, and while the Men’s match provided elite cinema, the Women’s match provided the biggest spots. Becky Lynch would provide the biggest spot inside War Games on the night.

Returning from an injury that has kept her out since SummerSlam did not stop her from delivering a huge leg drop from atop the cage. It was a breathtaking moment that made fans not want to blink cause it’s a rarity to see The Man perform stunts of this nature. The show opener was already a hit and Lynch nailed the finish of her first War Games match with a monumental moment.

The Evolution of Theory

Since capturing the Money in the Bank contract, Austin Theory was thought to be the future. That thought proved to be futile as he suffered a series of setbacks and a losing streak. Adding his name to the short list of failed cash-in attempts is the best thing to happen to his career.

A more focused, and aggressive Theory called his shot and recapture the US Title, and is now a two-time champion. Simply put, nobody had Theory leaving War Games as champion. Not only is his champion, but he also pinned the former champion, Seth Rollins, to do so. The stock is now trending upward for Austin Theory.

Honorary No More

Calling Sami Zayn “Honorary Uce” at this point seems insincere. Zayn is a full-blown Uce and Bloodline member. While many fans thought the events leading up to the War Games match would leave to the exile of Zayn, it was quite the opposite. Zayn bickered back and forth with Jey Uso throughout the match but provided the biggest moment of the contest. Restricting the referee from counting three for Kevin Owens time stopped and the arena fell silent.

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The moment of truth between lifelong best friends came to a standstill, and in the midst of silence Zayn’s truth let out a roar. The beauty of the moment wasn’t the turn on Owens, but the sacrifice of Owens to Jey Uso for the victory of the Bloodline. The culmination of the best storyline in wrestling adds a layer nobody saw coming when Jey and Sami embraced after the match. The right-hand man seems to finally trust Zayn, and now Zayn is no longer just an “honorary Uce,” he’s family.