Jade Cargill needs a major angle to keep her momentum going


One of the biggest criticisms levied against AEW was the use of the women’s division. Since Full Gear, that complaint has shifted, as the company seems poised to give that group the attention and time on television it deserves. One of the champions of said division is Jade Cargill. She’s an attraction that creates buzz whenever she appears on television or social media. However, the promotion needs to put her in an effective and impactful story before fans turn on her title run.

Everything about Cargill screams big-time attraction. In the world of AEW where “superstar” is a derogatory term, she carries that label in a way that none other on the roster can. Even still, she’s at an interesting point in her title run, where one wrong turn can cause more harm than good.

During the November 30 edition of AEW Dynamite, Bow Wow was featured during the TBS Title Celebration. It was a segment that didn’t receive the best of reactions and understandably so. While it plays off the social media interactions between the two, it is out of place for what AEW presents. Especially as the company takes steps to relaunch the women’s division.

The current storyline around Cargill is her push to remain undefeated, with many thinking she’s going to hit the point of 50-0 or fall just short. Within that run mini stories developed, such as Nyla Rose stealing the title before AEW Full Gear. As she approaches a year-long run with the AEW TBS Championship, the momentum, and interest of some can be felt slipping away week after week with more throwaway segments such as the one from this past Wednesday.

In AEW, in-ring work is a big part of which wrestlers get over with fans. Cargill is still very young in the industry, with 43 matches to date in her one year of wrestling. Along the way, she’s improved, and that can be seen with the increase in match time she gets every time she’s in action. Yet, it’s still the main weapon used when some try to discredit what she’s achieved so far. That’s why a compelling angle to elevate Cargill’s character work is even more important. The streak is a starting point, but it’s not the hook that is going to keep fans invested.

This is where a tough foil to stand opposite of her would be beneficial. AEW has a plethora of talented women on the roster. Someone like Hikaru Shida, Ruby Soho, or Willow Nightingale would be perfect for a long-term feud against Cargill. They could help elevate her in the ring and give her the space to keep presenting as the big-name star she is. Especially if she’s eventually heading toward a run with the AEW Women’s World Championship. Now isn’t the time for angles with Bow Wow.

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AEW has the potential to create the company’s first crossover star in Jade Cargill. Keeping her hot should be a priority for the organization and that means developing a more engaging storyline for the inaugural TBS Champion.