Did Jey Uso really accept Sami Zayn at WWE Survivor Series?


The Bloodline sits atop WWE and after Survivor Series: WarGames they undoubtedly appear to be the tightest they have ever been. But is that really the case or is there a plot afoot?

Heading into Survivor Series there had been a number of questions looming over the faction. What of the friendship between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn? The disdain felt towards Zayn by Jey Uso? The cracks were plain to see for the group as they went to war.

Main Event Uso started the bout for his team, forced into comradery with Zayn when Roman Reigns dispatched the Honorary Uce in lieu of Jimmy Uso as the second entrant. By the end of the battle, it appeared to be a mastermind decision from Roman, as Sami sold his soul to the Bloodline, sacrificing KO to an Uso Splash from Jey for the 1-2-3. The Bloodline stood tall.

Jey and Sami embraced, seemingly putting aside their issues that had been boiling over in the weeks previously. But if there is one thing the Anoa’i Family drama has is layers, and this could just be one of them.

Sami has spent months trying to convince Jey that he is right for the family, even when Roman made it clear that his faith was with the Master Strategist. But Uso never budged, he saw right through the former El Generico. So could one token gesture against KO, a friendship founded upon physicality, truly put the Right Hand Man at ease?

It would be far more believable for there to be a greater plot at hand. Roman and Uso had something on their mind as Survivor Series drew to a close, casting considerable looks in the direction of Zayn. Could they be working on something between them, discerning whether or not there is a snake lurking in the grass? Perhaps Jey is following his younger brother and working solo on this one, allowing Sami to get his feet under the table and enough rope to hang himself with. Or maybe, Jey has more nefarious plans for the Bloodline and Sami is the latest piece.

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If anything can be definitively said, it’s that there is sure to be more to be revealed as the story rolls forward. Just this year Paul Heyman played double agent to pry the WWE title from Brock Lesnar. The Bloodline has risen to be La Cosa Nostra of WWE, so they will play their cards close to their chest. But maybe Sami shouldn’t get so comfortable with the Tribal Chief and his Right Hand Man.