The case to move Bobby Lashley & The Hurt Business to SmackDown


Bobby Lashley’s run from 2018 through today has been a big success for the 23-year veteran. One big part of that was the establishment of The Hurt Business. With MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin by his side, this group built him toward his first WWE Championship run. Recent programming has dropped hints about the group’s return, which could set up some interesting storylines across the board.

On Monday Night Raw, Lashley and Adam Pearce continue to have issues. They even led to Pearce firing Lashley after a recent episode of the show. While that punishment was rescinded, there are still problems that need to be worked out. MVP approached Pearce during the backstage madness of the November 19 episode as The Bloodline ran wild. Some have speculated that the conversation MVP is attempting to have been to offer help to Pearce in his “Lashley Problem.” And a side note, Alexander and Benjamin were two men that were assaulted by The Usos, Sami Zayn, and Solo Sikoa on Monday.

What did Adam Pearce do to alleviate himself of the continuing issue between Rey Mysterio and The Judgement Day? He shipped Mysterio over to SmackDown. If he’s that frustrated with Lashley, perhaps he should do the same thing as the former champion. And MVP fits into the equation by negotiating for the entire Hurt Business operation to be involved in the move.

Moving Lashley, MVP, Benjamin, and Alexander over to SmackDown creates another faction that can run directly opposed to The Bloodline. There was a point when The Hurt Business was booked as the top faction on Monday Night Raw, even walking down to fight twenty-plus men in RETRIBUTION. That time has long passed, as Vince McMahon’s asinine booking decisions cut out all the momentum. It’s possible to rebuild them as forces on either show, but there’s always the potential challenge that the viewers and fans are “over” the group entirely.

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Bobby Lashley is one of the best-booked individuals in the WWE. His current arc has removed him from the title picture but still presents him as a force that could launch into title contention at any moment. Reforming The Hurt Business and moving them over to SmackDown would be an interesting step for that show and the individuals involved.