The continued challenge of booking Bray Wyatt in WWE


Bray Wyatt’s booking complication in WWE.

Bray Wyatt since the very beginning of the run, there was no doubt that the persona would grab the hearts of many WWE fans. It got to the point that the charismatic superstar started building a faithful following and it has been instrumental in his career and is a true story of creative bravado.

It didn’t matter whether it was his original incarnation or later on when he became the Fiend, fans continued to be on board for everything that was in store for the enigmatic superstar. However, the support was followed by some disappointment along the margins.

Bray has always treaded a line when it comes to how he was presented in WWE, even with the creative ingenuity, there were a lot of problems with his overall presentation that led to some complications in maintaining a strong presence on the roster.

It has been a consistent problem when it comes to Bray Wyatt and since his return, the pain has only continued as he introduced yet another incarnation to his game with Uncle Howdy as yet another persona in his dark twisted world. The problems have persisted and shown us that Bray is more complicated to book in WWE than ever imagined.

Elements that make Bray Wyatt complicated in WWE.

The one main element that Bray Wyatt has is the booking that took place up to this point. Since his debut against Kane in a Ring of Fire match, it became apparent that Bray would be one of those guys who can’t win in a dominant fashion and there will always be controversy.

Bray not winning in such convincing fashions as counterparts like John Cena, Seth Rollins, or Roman Reigns really hurt him in the long run. How he was booked really made a difference in his overall presentation and he had more losses than victories as he took on high-profile stars.

That made it hard to believe in Bray Wyatt since the expectation was that he would lose eighty percent of the time when it matters the most. That made it hard for fans to invest in the actual matches while the storyline may have been riveting.

Another element that has made Bray complicated is the persona itself. Bray is heavy with psychological elements to his game, which contrasts with superstars like Kane or Undertaker where it was clear as day about supernatural elements to their game which enhance their abilities in the ring.

Bray is more or less psychologically driven in similar ways to Mankind. Especially when looking at the many faces of Bray and how they differ from each other. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been the same connection with Bray as there was for Mankind during his time.

This could be in large part because of the contrasting direction of Bray’s psychological makeup which always had him serve as a man who believes he is a monster, rather than a full-on monster like his supernatural counterparts.

Although there have been supernatural elements added to Bray when the Fiend was introduced, later on, it contrasted with the psychological edge he had before and it did lead to some questions about this added element. The magic did not last very long when Goldberg gained a quick and unusual victory thus putting an end to the magic of a persona that was once viewed as nearly unstoppable.

That brings us to his recent incarnation since his return. Bray has evolved yet again into something darker than before. The introduction of Uncle Howdy was an interesting pull into yet another dimension of Bray Wyatt’s mind.

In the past, Bray controlled the world and dictated every last element of his world thus creating a methodical psychology that told unique stories for each of his opponents. The recent development since introducing Uncle Howdy has shown a contrast that is different than his past incarnation encounters.

Some fans have had no idea what to make of Uncle Howdy since in the past Bray has displayed a Mick Foley-like personality divide such as portraying Sister Abigail for one time only or switching back and forth between the eerie and lovable Bray Wyatt to the Fiend.

It was easy to see how fans would believe that Uncle Howdy was Bray since he has pulled those psychological antics in the past. So it wasn’t unusual to think this was yet another typical Bray Wyatt antic, but it seems a lot more complex than that.

Uncle Howdy has represented absolute chaos and it seems Bray Wyatt has lost all control of his world with every incarnation of his past personas colliding with each other. Bray does not have the same control as he did in the past where he can play head games in different ways.

Fans have a lot of questions about Uncle Howdy and it has led to some fans being curious or disconnecting already. This is the tricky part with Bray’s past of slow booking not playing in harmony with his character development.

Hopefully, WWE is trying to rectify the situation as Bray is slowly dipping into an abyss of madness from the many worlds he has created over the years with the Wyatt Family, being the eater of worlds, and of course the Firefly Funhouse.

Bray has always gone through changes with each persona being different based on his own agenda with superstars. This seems to be yet another trip in a different part of Bray’s mind fans will have to wait and see where it goes.

He has had encounters with LA Knight with Uncle Howdy seemingly in the shadows. It’s the perfect storm with so many moving parts as Bray seems to add elements of his madness and losing control of a world that he once ruled, but now the world has taken control of him.

It’s a slow burn and a lot to take in with all these changes, but Bray even with all the issues with booking remained the most interesting part of the overall program and this is no exception with the psychology running deeper than before with Bray confronted by every aspect of his dystopian world.

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It’s only a matter of time before fans learn more about Uncle Howdy and his role in Bray’s ever-growing world. Fans will have to tune in on Smackdown to see the slow unraveling of Bray Wyatt’s world and see what’s next with him confronting every aspect of his chaotic world.