Fans are ready for an Adam Cole AEW Championship run


AEW Dynamite had a big surprise on the January 11 episode, but it wasn’t who fans expected. Tony Schiavone reluctantly introduced Adam Cole and as much as he hated the moment, fans reacted with an explosion of cheers. Cole is a beloved member of the professional wrestling community and that reaction shows many are ready for him to get that main event run at the top.

It has been six months since Adam Cole graced a ring. The injury that abruptly ended the match at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door sidelined Cole and in listening to his promo truly disrupted his quality of life. He opened up about his injuries and fought back emotions as he described not understanding what was going on with his body. Then he masterfully played up the idea of being forced into retirement, only to inform the AEW backstage that they are the ones to receive the bad news that he’s back and ready for action.

So, what does that action look like for a returning Cole who is immediately one of the top babyfaces in the promotion? It has been a long time since Cole was a true baby face. Maybe back in 2020 when he was feuding with Pat McAfee in WWE NXT. Fans shower him with cheers, but Cole does an excellent job reminding fans that he has the potential to be one of the most despicable players in the game.

Of course, fans will immediately go to the dream feud of Cole versus MJF. These two individuals could deliver on what would be a fantastic feud, with both men having plenty to say about each other along the way. Fans can expect that MJF will have a long feud, so seeing him defeat many of the top names is a part of the game to play. Should Cole be on that list of men to challenge MJF and fail? Or is he the one to eventually take the title from him? Those are two of the questions that need to be addressed.

Thankfully, AEW has a plethora of characters to pick from. Individuals like PAC, Ethan Page, Brian Cage and the Embassy, Samoa Joe, and Eddie Kingston are just a few that could fit perfectly into that role. Cole is one of the few individuals that doesn’t need a stop-off point as a mid-card champion, he comes with all the relevancy and reception that demands a main event run as champion. He’s been there previously as a heel character, and fans still loved him. Seeing him in that role under a slightly different wrinkle opens a host of new opportunities within AEW.

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Adam Cole’s return was a surprise that many didn’t expect, but it was one that was welcomed with open arms. Here’s to looking forward to him as the top singles babyface in AEW and the many different paths it can go.