The Bloodline story is the best told in recent wrestling history


Whether you’re a long-term fan of WWE or just started watching it, the story with The Bloodline is going to go down as one of the greatest storylines of all time.

Some people joined the story at the beginning when Jey Uso was facing off against Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship back in 2020. In hindsight, that may be Reigns’ best feud during his title reign to date. We’ll revisit that later on.

Essentially, this means the story of The Bloodline has been ongoing for nearly three years now. Even after all that time has passed, the story seems to have just begun.

Within the past years, Reigns has added the managerial services from “The Wiseman” himself Paul Heyman, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn to his faction. While Reigns has been champion now for over 800 days and counting, The Uso’s have also been dominant in their retrospect being WWE Universal Tag Team Champions for the past 500-plus days.

Sami Zayn did whatever he could to earn The Tribal Chief and The Bloodline’s respect.

It’s a triumphant story that has seen heel turns, bloodshed, and families expanding. In the midst of it, we even witnessed Reigns somehow become a babyface again when The Bloodline welcomed Zayn as the “Honorary Uce.”

For a while, I thought the addition of Sikoa was going to be the most pivotal part of the storyline but I was wrong. Until Zayn joined the crew fans were getting negligent with Reigns and were counting down the days until Reigns would drop one of the two titles. The energy saw a nimble shift when Zayn came into the picture.

All of the months of Zayn attempting to earn the trust of The Bloodline and time and time again “taking one for the team,” it never seemed like it was enough. There are so many layers to it, especially with jealousy surrounding The Usos and Sami throughout. At first, Jey wasn’t accepting of the idea of Zayn joining forces at all, meanwhile, everyone was on board. Once Jey accepted Zayn, it seems like everyone else was having second thoughts.

The past few weeks have drawn even more interest with ingenious writing for the storyline.

The Law and Order-like court session for Zayn at Monday Night Raw’s 30th Anniversary was absolutely hilarious and entertaining. It was a new, creative way to keep the story appealing. But everything came together at the end of the Royal Rumble after the conclusion of Reigns’ match against Kevin Owens. This moment was when the current chapter ended, and a new one began.

At this moment, Jey was given flashbacks to when he was facing off with Reigns just a few years back.

I have been watching wrestling for a long time and have seen many great storylines. KofiMania, Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels (Flair’s final match), and many more. But, The Bloodline is front of center the best thing going in professional wrestling right now and has been for quite a while now. It’s a story that had us as fans creating the endgame stories in our head, whether or not Sami should be the one to beat Roman. Or Sikoa? Or maybe it ends where it began with Jey and Roman again?

Every single member within The Bloodline’s stock has risen sky-high after this story. As one of the greatest heels of all time, hearing the fans chanting “F*** you Roman” at the end of the Royal Rumble is a heel’s dream. He then proceeds to drop red flower pedals on the lying corpse of Zayn in the middle of the ring.

Fans will now hate Reigns more than ever before and this gets them even more emotionally involved now.

Wherever the story goes from here it will go down as one of the best stories ever told in WWE history. When Reigns and The Usos are inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future, this will be the first story they reminisce on during their speech.

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Credit is due to Vince McMahon for beginning the story, but under the innovative creativity of Triple H, this story has become box office material and must-watch television. It’ll be hard in the future to write a better script than WWE did with The Bloodline.