Mickie James’ current Impact Wrestling Knockouts title reign is special

WWE, Mickie James (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV)
WWE, Mickie James (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV) /

Why Mickie James holding the Knockouts title on Impact Wrestling is important.

Mickie James has had many moments over the years from WWE to Impact Wrestling. She has made it a career of being memorable through unforgettable moments. Whether she held a title or not, Mickie was always in the conversation in some shape or form.

Mickie is in the midst of a historic run as Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion. This is her 5th reign as Knockouts champion and her 11th title between the two major promotions. This particular title reign stands out for everything that happened prior to Mickie winning this title.

Mickie James breaking the retirement mold in Impact Wrestling.

Historically there has always been a retirement tour whether it’s Kurt Angle or Ric Flair in WWE or Terry Funk’s hundreds of retirement tours, which normally resulted in Funk making a return not long after. Mickie broke the mold in every way when it comes to retirement stakes in a wrestling career.

It all started when Mickie went against Chelsea Green and it had us believing that it was truly the end. It was not necessarily the end result where fans witnessed Mickie symbolically walking out with her bags after the loss, it was everything that happened during the match itself.

Her match had every element of Mickie’s career full circle in that match where fans saw callbacks to Mickie’s throwback days in WWE and Hardcore Country all coming together during the match itself. That symbolism during the match typically means that it’s the final curtain call in a wrestler’s career.

This came months after Mickie James made history as she showed what it means to cross a forbidden door as she gave the WWE Universe a taste of Hardcore Country in the Royal Rumble. It seems like Mickie had done everything in her career at that point and fans seemingly saw writing on the walls for retirement.

Of course, that wasn’t the case, which is why Mickie coming out victorious against a driven Jordynne Grace was a surprise. It took a lot of time to process it since victories during high stake matches to end their career is rare.

It turns out that it wasn’t the end of Mickie’s career and she is still going strong, even as fans paid respects and recollected on Mickie’s career over the years. It seems like Mickie has stayed true to what made fans love her and that’s being unpredictable in every way, which is what won the hearts of fans decades ago when many were first introduced to her in WWE or TNA for the first time.

Before all of us were thanking Mickie James for changing the game and that remains true. She is still changing the game every day as her reign passes with this historic Knockouts title reign she carries that title as not just another reign to her hall of fame career but as a symbol of not being done with wrestling just yet.

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Fans will have to tune in and appreciate the unique turn that Mickie James has given everyone as she continues her historic reign as Impact Knockouts champion. Whoever is the one to dethrone her will have a major accolade in their respective career in Impact Wrestling.