We finally learned why Nikki Cross stalked Candice LeRae


For weeks, WWE fans have watched Nikki Cross spy on Candice LeRae during many backstage segments. You could best describe the storyline’s pace as languid, as it took LeRae weeks to notice Cross peeking in on the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion’s interviews and personal moments (as personal as you can be in front of a camera broadcasting to a national audience) and another week for LeRae to confront Cross about it.

This finally culminated with LeRae approaching Cross during the Feb. 20 episode of Raw. As Byron Saxton asked LeRae about Johnny Gargano’s health in the wake of the Elimination Chamber match, she spotted Cross and questioned her motives for stalking her.

Cross, who wrestled and lost to Asuka earlier in the evening and sported a far more sullen demeanor than usual, whispered a few words to LeRae before walking off. Seconds later, LeRae revealed that Coss told her that “all her friends are gone and she’s alone”.

With WWE reaching the next stage of the Candice LeRae/Nikki Cross story, what will we see next from these two?

This revelation has taken this program in an intriguing direction. Most fans presumed that Cross would eventually attack LeRae to properly set up a conflict between the two. Instead, they are left to lament Cross’ numerous severed friendships, be it SAnitY, Alexa Bliss, or Rhea Ripley.

Even though Cross has reverted back to the manic gimmick that made her so beloved in NXT (the more acclaimed version of the brand), she’s shown enough affability throughout her main roster run to garner sympathy from the audience via this twist.

If nothing else, this adds a bit of interest to LeRae’s upcoming match with Piper Niven, another former acquaintance of Cross’ (they teamed together when Cross went by Nikki A.S.H. and Niven went by, sigh, Doudrop). Whether Cross’ involvement comes toward the end of the match or after, it should start to clear up her intentions for LeRae.

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There’s a good chance WWE goes the predictable route and books Cross and LeRae in a standard singles feud (with Cross’ resentment toward LeRae’s positive on-screen relationships catalyzing that issue), but perhaps the promotion has another twist in store for this story.