Brock Lesnar would have a massive impact with a run outside of WWE


Brock Lesnar is the biggest attraction in professional wrestling, and perhaps across all combat sports. His status as a part-time performer for the WWE has created some of the biggest moments for the company. But are those moments coming to an end? Reports bubbled up this past week around the idea that Lesnar’s time with WWE is “finishing up.” Does that mean his time is over? Perhaps, but that doesn’t directly state he’s done with professional wrestling. If Lesnar became a free agent and was still interested in big days to perform, his presence would shake up the foundation of the industry.

According to PW Insider, Brock Lesnar began to say “goodbye” to individuals backstage during his last WWE Raw appearance. While there is only speculation about what that means, the initial thought immediately turned to his time being over with the company. Lesnar is currently slated to face Omos at WrestleMania 39, in a match that many speculate is right out of the mind of Vince McMahon.

So fast forward to April 3. Lesnar is no longer an official member of the WWE roster and turns his eye to the 2023 landscape in professional wrestling. What should he do?

Of course, everyone will yell out the standard “go to AEW,” but let’s come back to that because there are bigger fish to fry in New Japan Pro Wrestling. NJPW has a history of booking the biggest gaijin as an attraction for the company. Lesnar once filled that role, along with individuals like Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, and others. Imagine Lesnar stepping back into that role to face off with one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, Kazuchika Okada.

Okada’s legacy already stands the test of time. But imagine the boost it would get with wins over a name like Lesnar. Plus, hearing that Brock is still involved in professional wrestling could potentially lead to more American fans tuning in to see who he’s competing against in NJPW. Remember, he’s arguably the biggest attraction in the industry. Then of course there are the aspirations of pitting Lesnar against individuals like Jeff Cobb, Minoru Suzuki, Shingo Takagi, Hikuleo, and many others.

Now, back to the idea of Lesnar in AEW. Would it work, of course, it would. It would be interesting to hear how fans would react to the idea of Lesnar as an AEW showcase. He’s been synonymous with WWE for more than two decades. Would he be the biggest heel the company has seen to date? Or would fans welcome him with open arms?

Plus, there are several big matches available for Lesnar in AEW, but the goal would be to help establish younger names. Could we revisit Samoa Joe versus Brock Lesnar? Certainly. Remember that moment with Keith Lee in the Royal Rumble? Run that back as well. But getting Lesnar to do the job for individuals like Powerhouse Hobbs, Wardlow, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, and others must be the primary objective. Giving younger stars “the rub” from bigger names is an important step in building a roster, and none would be bigger than Brock Lesnar.

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Is Brock Lesnar leaving WWE? Only time will tell. But if he was to remain a figure in professional his contributions to other organizations would have massive ramifications.