Killer Kelly’s journey and evolution in Impact Wrestling


Killer Kelly is an underrated competitor in Impact Wrestling.

Most fans were first introduced to Killer Kelly before Impact Wrestling when she had a stint in WWE. It was a unique situation since she stood out for her gritty in-ring presence and her trademark mouthpiece as she shows pleasure giving stiff competition to her opponents.

She competed in the UK tournament and Mae Young Classic, and in both instances, she came up short. In the midst of big personalities, Killer Kelly wasn’t given a lot of time to show us who she truly was as a competitor, but many fans were intrigued by her unique presence. This interest only heightened when she got released by WWE.

Killer Kelly showing us who she is in Impact Wrestling.

Fans who followed Killer Kelly after she was released by WWE realized there was something more that she offered. The biggest thing is that she is a warrior who is not afraid to mix it up in the ring and receive as many bruises as she dishes out.

Killer Kelly continued to show that side of her in 2020 with Impact Wrestling and it felt very similar to her time in WWE in terms of her overall persona. She had a chance to amplify how much of a hard hitter she is, but there was room for a lot more.

She is so much more than just a hard hitter with a smile. Impact Wrestling is the kind of stage where she could truly dig deep into who she is in terms of personality. It was an opportunity that has yet to truly present itself to the hard-hitting superstar.

During her time in the national spotlight, she was subsequently compared to “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler consistently. In terms of ring work, she’s very different, but her presentation with her respective mouthpiece and the reputation of being a tough competitor is what made those comparisons strong.

That all changed in mid-2022 when there was a vignette that showed Killer Kelly in a new light never seen before. It’s one thing to be a tough competitor, but another to have a smooth and cool personality that is filled with a colorful backstory behind it.

The best way to describe the shift is very similar to the legendary video game Tekken where they had the memorable fighter Nina Williams who had a cool persona that was matched with a hard-hitting and lethal tendency. Every element works together with Nina which made her one of the more memorable fighters in the game and the same can be said for Killer Kelly in Impact Wrestling.

That’s the same with Killer Kelly as she presents herself with a soft glow of lighting to present herself in a new way. She is the kind of competitor who now has a smile on her face and plays head games because she knows she can end a person at will in the ring.

That’s a sharp contrast to before and now she is presenting herself in a way that fits the atmosphere of Impact Wrestling. The mind games have already been unique and with the wide range of personalities gracing the Knockouts division, it’s only a matter of time before Kelly digs deeper and shows people more elements of herself as a competitor.

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It has truly been a treat to see Killer Kelly in this form and she is just getting started in the Impact Wrestling Knockouts division. Whether there are championship implications or not, Killer Kelly will leave her mark on the roster forever.