Top 5 AEW theme songs


One thing that AEW excels at is its theme songs. So many, whether licensed songs or songs made for AEW, stand out amongst the best. A theme song can make a wrestler, especially if the crowd gets involved in singing or chanting.

Due to AEW having so many banger theme songs, compiling a top five was not an easy task; with that being said, let’s look at the top 5 AEW theme songs.

Top 5 AEW theme songs

5. “Darkide of TR” – FTR

This theme matches perfectly for when FTR turned face and started gaining fans’ love. Their current theme is entirely different from the theme they had when they first joined AEW in 2020, which was better suited for them when they were heels. Being the tag team aficionados that they are, their current theme is inspired by the theme of the Midnight Express tag team, who debuted in 1980 and who is also a team who serves as one of FTR’s biggest inspirations.

Although their theme has no lyrics, the upbeat instrumental is enough to get fans excited for their entrance.

4. “Ghost Town Triumph” – “Hangman” Adam Page

If anyone’s theme in AEW suits them to a tee, it’s Adam Page’s. When this music hits, you know that some “Cowboy S–t” is about to go down.

The galloping horse hooves take this theme to another level. Again, another theme with no lyrics and only a vibe, but it’s a vibe that works for fans and for Hangman himself, as you can see how hyped he gets during his entrance.

3. “Harder Hart” – Julia Hart

Some fans will be unfamiliar with this theme if they have not watched AEW Dark and Elevation; however, just because this theme has not yet been heard on AEW television does not mean it doesn’t deserve some appreciation.

When Julia joined the House of Black last year, she received an entire makeover, from her gear to her entrance, and everything was for the better. Her new theme perfectly encapsulates her turn from being a cheerleader in the Varisty Blondes to a darker, more vicious member of the House of Black. The lyrics even include the House of Black’s signature saying, “The House Always Wins.”

“Born from pain, inside my veins
Bred for war, begging for more
None shall mourn, I am reborn
Live in sin, the house always wins”

2. “Battle Cry” – Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world today, who has had success all over the world, and his theme song epitomizes just that in the opening lyrics.

“I hear the battle cry
Under the devil’s sky
The one-winged angel screams
It fuels my hopes and dreams
The best bout machine.”

“Devil’s sky” refers to the name of the theme Kenny used in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). “One-winged angel” refers to his finishing move, and “The best bout machine” is the moniker he earned for his in-ring ability and many classic matches.

His theme, along with the quite narcissistic, and somewhat truthful introductions from ring announcer Justin Roberts, gives Kenny Omega one of the best entrances in all of pro wrestling.

1. “Cult of Personality” – CM Punk

When the static hits, it can only mean one thing…the Best In The World, CM Punk, is here.

Cult of Personality is the only licensed song on this list, as it is performed by Living Color and was released in 1988; however, that only makes it better. It is a song that wrestling fans recognize as soon as it hits. Punk has used this theme song in Ring of Honor, WWE, and now AEW, and perhaps using such a great song has only added to Punk’s legacy.

AEW fans are vocal, especially in theme songs, so when Punk debuted in AEW in 2021, fans sang along during his entrances and after his matches.

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