Who Else Should Be In Ladder Match For NXT Women’s Title


NXT Stand & Deliver will take place on Saturday, April 1, and there will be a new NXT Women’s Champion crowned in a ladder match.

A couple of weeks ago at NXT Roadblock, Roxanne Perez defeated Meiko Satomura to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. Immediately following the match, Perez collapsed and was stretchered away. Many people believe that Senior Vice President of Talent Development, Creative Shawn Michaels is behind this storyline and that it’s a work.

Michaels has been noticeably rehashing some of his old storylines on NXT lately and this incident is no different.

Regardless, it is beautiful storytelling and adds even more anticipation for the title match at Stand & Deliver. WWE then announced on last week’s NXT that they “may” need to crown a new Women’s champion at Stand & Deliver, so qualifying matches began being held for a Ladder Match.

We’ve already seen Zoey Stark qualify for the Ladder match after her victory in another banger against Sol Ruca.

In addition to Stark, new babyface superstar Gigi Dolin qualified for the ladder match after her victory over Kiana James.

Since these two are already in the match, two other superstars will also join them at Stand & Deliver. Technically, there hasn’t been any announcement on how many women will compete for the title, but these three superstars should be in the match for the NXT Women’s Championship at Stand & Deliver.

Who else will qualify for the ladder match at Stand & Deliver?

Tiffany Stratton

Stratton has been waiting for her moment to shine ever since she returned from her head injury at New Year’s Evil back in January. She has made it known that she is coming for the NXT Women’s Championship and claims she is ready to take over the brand.

It was a bit weird that she received such a big crowd pop when she returned since she is one of the top heels on the brand, but the NXT fans know her time is coming and her journey to finally becoming the NXT Women’s Champion ends at Stand & Deliver.

Lyra Valkyria

Lyra Valkyria has been a breath of fresh air to the women’s division in NXT. Her stormy, mysterious gimmick makes her that much more enticing. Ever since her performance in the Women’s Battle Royal back in January, Valkyria has been making a name for herself on NXT Level Up. She has also cut some promos that indicate she is ready to go straight to the top of the women’s division.

She likely wouldn’t win the ladder match, but adding her to the mix solidifies her as a contender moving forward. It also showcases her to a bigger audience on a bigger stage. She is in store for a huge 2023 and this could be the beginning of her new journey.

Cora Jade

Ever since the battle royal to decide the number one contender for Perez at Vengeance Day, Jade has been a no-show. I haven’t seen any reports regarding an injury or anything, so a surprise return to qualify for the ladder match wouldn’t surprise me at all. Jade and Perez have their past issues, so including Jade in the mix would make things quite interesting.

Also, I believe Jade will be revealed as the one who “took out” Nikkita Lyons and Wendy Choo in the parking lot. It will all tie into her qualifying for the match.

Roxanne Perez

As mentioned earlier since there hasn’t been a set number of participants in this ladder match, there is no doubt in my mind Perez will still be in this match. This could have all been a storyline to build her up even more not only as a champion but as the top babyface on the brand. She has bought into the fighting champion persona, and her entering the match the night of Stand & Deliver would make things even crazier.

Not to mention, she has a history with every woman involved in this match and would add some hostility to an already highly anticipated match.

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If these women are all in the ladder match, there is no way it shouldn’t be remembered as a match of the year candidate when it’s all said and done.