Xavier Woods should get his own push as a singles champion in WWE


Xavier Woods has all the qualities of a top sports entertainer and now is the time to see him reach a stint as a singles champion.

Injuries are a part of professional wrestling, with multiple names going down at a moment’s notice. The New Day is experiencing such a situation as both Kofi Kingston and Big E are out of action. The New Day is a beloved unit, with each man reaching levels of individual success as they’ve become one of the most important factions in the industry. While Kingston and Big E are dealing with recovery, WWE should invest time into building Xavier Woods with a strong singles run of his own.

Everyone remembers the moments Kingston and Big E became WWE Champions. Those were crowning achievements for two of the biggest fan favorites on the WWE roster.

Woods has reached his own level of acclaim, winning the 2021 edition of the King of the Ring. That gave him a bit of a boost as a singles performer, even pitting him in a brief feud against Roman Reigns in November of that year. But Woods has not reached any singles titles during his run in the company. In fact, his last stint as an individual champion came in 2007 when he held the DSW Heavyweight Championship for 91 days. It would be an exciting development to see him get a push toward a championship of his own while his comrades are on the sideline.

Woods fits in a booming WWE mid-card scene

The WWE mid-card scene is booming. At WrestleMania 38, neither the WWE United States nor the WWE Intercontinental Championship was defended. This year, both are wrapped up in major angles, with the expectation that these matches will be two of the bigger moments for WWE over the weekend.

Now imagine a post-WrestleMania angle where Woods finds himself ready to challenge for either title. He and LA Knight had a great back-and-forth leading into their match on the March 17 edition of SmackDown. Knight has already done an excellent job elevating everything he’s involved with, regardless of the show that he’s on, and pitting him in a long-term angle with Woods would be exceptional sports entertainment. It’s the exact type of angle that could help Woods solidify himself as a mid-card threat.

Woods has all the abilities needed to be a singles performer, and it would be an attraction for many fans that have turned away from WWE content in recent years and months. His resume both within and outside of professional wrestling already speaks volumes. But the visual of him winning and holding up his own singles title is something that should happen, sooner rather than later.

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Professional wrestling may be scripted, but individual accolades are a big moment. It’s a recognition from both the fans and the promotion that a performer’s work is respected and appreciated. This is why Xavier Woods should reach his own run as a singles champion within the WWE. While Kofi Kingston and Big E are on the sideline, this is the time to make that push.