2 things that went right on the March 27 WWE Raw


We are now a few days away from WrestleMania 39, and the March 27 episode of Raw served as one of WWE’s final pushes for the big event.

The three-hour broadcast featured plenty of quality in-ring action (the Becky Lynch vs. IYO SKY match springs to mind) while feeding the audience a healthy serving of promos to prime them for the two-night main course.

Given that this was an episode of Raw, there were plenty of good and bad takeaways from this show. For now, let’s focus on the positives.

What went right on the March 27 episode of Raw?

Seth Rollins’ promo

Many fans find charm in Seth Rollins’ gimmick — which consists of him wearing ostentatious outfits and laughing like an ’80s cartoon supervillain — but there are more than too many times where his schtick gets grating. This week, however, Rollins thankfully changed things up.

After beating Mustafa Ali in a needed enhancement match (be sure to find the clip of Rollins curb-stomping Ali while he was trapped in the Tree of Woe), “The Visionary” delivered one of his most focused promos. Eschewing the silly laughter for babyface fire, Rollins said that he needed to beat Logan Paul at WrestleMania to avoid being labeled a joke before leading a singalong of his theme song.

Personal feelings about Rollins’ character aside, his popularity gives him little reason to deviate from what he’s doing, but it’s nice to see him cut one of these promos when he needs to.

Prior to Monday’s Raw, WWE built to Asuka vs. Bianca Belair with the sort of irrational confidence you see when Russell Westbrook attempts a 3-point shot. The company clearly took the approach of “well, everyone already thinks Asuka and Belair are great, and the match at WrestleMania will probably be great, so why bother putting in extra energy to heat this up?” and it resulted in a lackluster promotional effort.

In lieu of appearing in person, Asuka and Belair were highlighted in respective video packages that did far more to present them as two of WWE’s biggest stars than anything they did over the last month, including that “can they co-exist” nonsense from last week.

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It’s almost as if you don’t have to overthink things when you have two superstar talents booked to face each other for a world title at the biggest show of the year.