Can AEW match Jade Cargill’s championship energy now?


Jade Cargill has more to offer in All Elite Wrestling.

When it comes to Jade Cargill, she is in the midst of her historical first championship reign in AEW. She has presented a willingness to step it up to the next level each time she steps into the ring. She shows confidence in every aspect and that has made her a special champion with high energy.

She has the longest overall title reign in AEW and it’s about time that energy gets reciprocated in a new way. It’s so much more than just gaining win after win on Rampage or Dynamite with little to no build-up.

The recent debut of Taya Valkyrie could change that though, but it is still too early to tell whether or not it will be reflected on AEW television. There is a lot that needs to be done so this rivalry can match the energy and show fans why she is the dominant champion in AEW.

What can AEW do to add more to Jade Cargill’s TBS championship reign?

The open challenges where Jade takes down people who make their debut in AEW is a good start, but there has been no real significant build-up, which is a recurring theme as Jade puts her TBS championship on the line.

It becomes an exhibition bout where Jade puts the title on the line and retains it with ease with no true build-up. That’s the universal problem when utilizing the open challenge method and it kept going on for months.

Jade had a rivalry with the debuting Athena, but it didn’t get the build it deserved and fell under the radar. The nostalgia for Athena’s return truly carried the rivalry, but it didn’t have the full potential carried in the rivalry as a whole.

It seemed like that would become a recurring pattern with Jade alternating back and forth between that, and it hasn’t given us the full experience with Jade that fans could potentially get on the show.

Jade has continued to add to her arsenal as a competitor and it has been something she has done low-key and has shined on her own as she continued to evolve as a wrestler. Even with Jade’s million-dollar personality, it hasn’t been talked about a lot.

Most fans knew that Jade is the definition of a super athlete, so she is no ordinary competitor in AEW. It makes it complicated when there is the AEW women’s championship on the same show with more championship belts in all divisions that need to be displayed.

It would have been an interesting route to have Jade focus on the outcasts since Jade is a top homegrown talent in AEW, but it would have led to issues of ego and who is the leader since Jade would surely want the spotlight and play right in the hands of the Outcasts.

It would have led to some trouble, chaos, and a sure power struggle, but Jade has had her mind on setting the record high and continuing to beat the competition and not focused on the duo’s strong message to the homegrown talent of the women’s division.

The recent debut of Taya Valkyrie is a rare opportunity to pick up the pace of Jade’s title reign. Taya was an integral part of Impact Wrestling in terms of championships and rivalries. The former Knockouts champion is known for going against any situation with a well-rounded skillset with finesse.

Taya has brought the energy no matter where she went in the past, whether it worked out successfully where the company knew what they had with her or not. This presents a unique opportunity for AEW.

The AEW women’s division is stacked with personalities, but Taya has always been a major part of programming and her first rivalry being with the TBS champion makes for an interesting situation where there is already a set expectation for Taya along with a growing expectation for more for the TBS champion.

It’s the best of both worlds where one has been a hot prospect while the other has been a hot international superstar for a little over a decade. It’s a unique chance to truly bring the TBS championship to the next level with Jade and Taya leading the way.

This is a moment that has a story of the year written all over it and the two massive personalities meeting each other surely will not disappoint fans. It’s now a matter of how it will all go down between the two superstars.

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Fans will just have to wait and see, but Jade has already started marking her territory from her TBS championship to her signature move as well! Fans will have to see whether or not AEW Dynamite will be able to contain these two big personalities.