2 things that went right on the March 29 AEW: Dynamite


While WWE prepares for a pair of big supercards this weekend, All Elite Wrestling continues to chug along. This week’s episode of AEW: Dynamite broadcasted from St. Louis and featured six matches, two of them for championships.

The promotion also cranked up the intensity of the burgeoning issues between The Elite and the Blackpool Combat Club and established who Adam Cole will feud with following his return from injury (whether you’re excited about that feud is another matter). In short, there is plenty to discuss.

What went right on the March 29 episode of AEW: Dynamite?

Bryan Danielson attacks Kenny Omega and realigns with the Blackpool Combat Club

After the Blackpool Combat Club ran amok on last week’s Dynamite, the newly-minted rudos continued to terrorize anyone in their path. First, they beat down Dalton Castle and The Boys in less than a minute, attacking them before the bell. Then, they took out “Hangman” Adam Page and Don Callis (opening Callis up hardway) while Callis tried to apologize to Page.

They waited until after the amazing Kenny Omega vs. Jeff Cobb match. Once Omega hit the One Winged Angel and pinned the United Empire’s strongman, the BCC — seemingly inspired by Jon Moxley’s time with The Shield — surrounded the ring to attack the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion.

However, Bryan Danielson ran down to seemingly talk down his teammates, but this was a ruse, as Danielson crushed Omega with the Busaiku Knee as soon as “The Cleaner” lowered his guard. From there, the group beatdown commenced, as Omega ran out of friends to rescue him.

AEW set this up to perfection. While Danielson technically never turned babyface (he never stopped entering through the heel tunnel), him distantcing himself from the BBC during his feud with Maxwell Jacob Friedman added some legitimacy to the possibility of him siding with Omega. Additionally, Omega being short of allies (no Young Bucks and Page was assaulted earlier) made cautiously accepting Danielson’s help more plausible.

It will be interesting to hear what the BCC have to say next week, as we get closer to seeing The Elite fully reunited.

MJF and Jungle Boy’s verbal exchange

After “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry beat Matt Hardy in the show’s opening match, AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman cut his celebration short. The two then exchanged some words, with MJF saying that Perry was too nice to reach the top of the card and Perry retorting that he hoped to never become a scumback like Friedman.

Friedman is a known commodity on the microphone (the cheap lines notwithstanding) but this was an opportunity to discover whether Perry could hold his own on the stick in a top program. For the most part, he held his own.

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This devolved into a brief brawl that ended with Friedman just avoiding Perry’s sliding forearm, clearly saving that moment for their eventual match. This wasn’t the hottest angle on the show, but it gave Perry some credibility as a potential challenger for the world title.