Six names for the women’s 2023 WWE Money in the Bank ladder match


The women’s Money in the Bank ladder match can create a new star for the division and these six women would be right for the match. 

WWE Money in the Bank is a major annual matchup that puts one wrestler in a position to reach main event status. But being in the match can be equally important, such as being one of the final four individuals in the Royal Rumble. The 2023 edition of MITB is scheduled for July 1 from the O2 Arena in London, England. Looking forward to the women’s ladder match, these are six names on the roster who should be included when the promotion travels to Europe this summer.

Piper Niven

Piper Niven has the presence to be a monster heel for the women’s division. While the company has had individuals like Nia Jax in a similar position in the past, an individual that can not only work as a character but in-ring like Niven is a rare gem. She should get the opportunity to be in this match as a showcase of all she brings to the roster.

It would be interesting to see Niven perform in this match and what it would do for her position on the roster afterward, regardless of if she picked up the briefcase or not. If 2023 is going to be a breakout year for Piper Niven, being a part of the Money in the Bank ladder match would be the right step.

Mia Yim

Mia Yim has already put her body on the line in ladder matches as a part of the WWE NXT roster. She and Iyo Sky had one of the most violent women’s matches on the brands, but it was a memorable showcase of what the two ladies can do in the ring. She’s an example of the type of foundational worker any women’s division would need and putting her in the MITB match would elevate the quality and create an intriguing option as the winner at the same time.

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green is killing it in her current role. She’s excelled in her role as an on-air “Karen.” So much so that she was put in a position to elevate both Carmella and Sonya Deville at the same time. While she’s playing the part of a comedy character, don’t forget that she has enough in-ring abilities that she can continue to climb up the proverbial ladder that is the women’s roster.

For all intents and purposes, Green could even be the 2023 holder of the women’s briefcase. Imagine her pestering Adam Pearce each week with even more fervor now that she has a guaranteed title shot in her hands. For better, or for worse, that’s the exact type of sports entertainment WWE loves and a reason why Green fits in this match.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair would be the lynchpin of this match. As a member of the Four Horsewomen and multiple-time champion, Flair does not need to carry the Money in the Bank ladder match. She’s enough of a main event player that she can step into the title picture at any moment. But imagine her in this match as a distraction to the eventual winner, perhaps even setting up a post-match feud between the two. Flair comes with a level of cache that is rare in the women’s division, so putting her on the ladder match would be a good move.


Everything about IYO Sky screams main event status. Her run as WWE NXT champion was strong and helped her get over with fans. She’s one of the best workers on the roster, and she delivers with a simple, yet effective character. Breaking her away from Damage CTRL and putting her into her own run as a singles performer has the potential to work on the main roster as well. Seeing her involved in the ladder match would be big because she would certainly have some sort of highlight reel moment. Can fans trust WWE to book her well? Perhaps not but seeing her in this match and potentially the briefcase holder would go a long way.

Raquel Rodriguez

It’s clear that WWE has plans for Raquel Rodriguez as a champion. She was booked well while in WWE NXT, and that hasn’t translated well to the main roster. While she is a protected performer, the gimmick of her smiling and being a “nice” person doesn’t seem to fit as well. Especially when compared to her run on NXT where she was a force that dominated everyone.

It would be interesting to see if she was booked into the ladder match and picked up the win. This would set the stage for her to face off against two big forces in the women’s division, Bianca Belair, or Rhea Ripley.

The 2023 Money in the Bank ladder match is coming and these are six women that would excel in this year’s match.

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