Sheamus is the man to take the Intercontinental Championship from GUNTHER


If WWE goes back to Sheamus vs GUNTHER, then it’s time to put the title on the Irishman.

GUNTHER has held the Intercontinental Championship for over 300 days and is just around 150 days from The Honky Tonk Man’s record of the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. GUNTHER has done everything that there is to do with the Intercontinental Championship and is on a destructive run, which leads to fans speculating on who can stop going through, and take the Intercontinental Championship away from him. Although there are many great candidates such as Ilja Dragonv, Butch, Drew McIntyre, etc, the person to take the championship off of GUNTHER is still Sheamus.

The Title Has Done Its Job

Typically, the Intercontinental Championship is supposed to be used as the workhorse championship, before the mid-card star that will soon be propelled to the main event. Everything that the Intercontinental Championship is supposed to represent has been accomplished in GUNTHER’s title reign. GUNTHER has been booked as an unstoppable monster, and with Imperium seems as though he has the perfect balance of heel tactics, and is still the destructive big man. In his title raid, GUNTHER has put on the most five-star matches of anybody in WWE history according to Dave Meltzer. Once the title was taken off of GUNTHER, he will quickly be propelled to the main event scene, giving the title back the purpose that it held in its greatest period.

Why Sheamus Is Still The Man

Sheamus has been one of the most underrated workers in the WWE for the last decade. Although he has been a multi-time WWE champion and has had a ton of accomplishments, including Tag Team Championships with Cesaro, it felt as though Sheamus’s loss to GUNTHER last year at Clash at the Castle was the first time that the Irishman was truly given his flowers.

The match was heralded as one of WWE’s best of all time and was given five stars by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It showed that not only is GUNTHER one of the best workers in the world, but Sheamus is one of the top wrestlers in the industry right now. WWE has the chance to elevate one of their most loyal and dependable stars, to a height that they were unable to do so without this rivalry.

The Other Candidates

Drew McIntyre would be a great candidate due to his failure to defeat Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle, but he has been giving monumental moments before that it wouldn’t feel the same as Sheamus’. Ilja Dragonv is another candidate, but Dragonv’s victory over GUNTHER is one of the greatest WWE matches of all time, and it would have so much to stack up to already, and it has a special place as the great NXT UK rivalry that it was and should remain as such. Butch, FKA Pete Dunne, would be another great choice, but WWE has done such a poor job with Butch on the main roster, that it would take quite a bit of time to revamp his character. Last year as a whole showcased that Sheamus was arguably WWE’s best in-ring wrestler, and rewarding him with their workhorse championship makes all too much sense.

The Moment Is More Important Than A Record

Now with WWE returning to the UK for Money in the Bank this year, it is the perfect time to not only give Sheamus his flowers but award him with the last thing on his list to accomplish for the WWE. There will be no wrestler that will have more of a fan base behind them than Sheamus, as they know that the accomplishment is something that is truly worthy for Sheamus.

WWE has made a lot of recent booking decisions that put records over moments, most notably Roman Reigns defeating Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39, but also Roman Reigns defeating Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, leaving fans upset that they prioritize a record over a moment. If Sheamus is to take the championship off of GUNTHER at Money in the Bank, he will fall short of the longest Intercontinental Championship reign of all time, but it will give the fans and Sheamus the bigger moment and is worth it in the end.

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