Darby Allin should win the AEW four-way pillars match

On the road toward Double or Nothing it seems MJF is almost certainly going to retain his title against Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, and Sammy Guevara. The potential for an upset may be slim to none but if anyone of the three challengers should beat MJF, it should be Darby Allin.

Darby Allin proved he could hang with MJF on the mic this past week on Dynamite which is no easy task in and of itself. Additionally, having Sting to help him on the mic could make a pairing to lead the company.

With MJF’s “reign of terror” lasting since the Full Gear pay-per-view last November, Darby would be an opportunity to get a babyface back as a champion that could help draw in newer and younger fans.

We’ve seen how popular champions like Orange Cassidy can be amongst younger fans and if AEW wants to continue to acquire and retain younger fans, it’s time to move back toward a babyface champ.

Darby Allin’s reckless style of wrestling would also be a great way to bring a fighting world champion back into the picture. Over a decade ago in WWE, Jeff Hardy went on a similar run, winning the world title with the daredevil attitude that got him there.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel in AEW, rely on past things that have worked to build the future of your company. Darby Allin being strapped with gold would be a massive draw to younger kids, which is a demographic of fans AEW desperately needs.

Having Sting still paired with Allin, accomplishes the opposite, maintaining older fans that want the nostalgia of “the icon” now would live vicariously through Darby Allin.

AEW needs a babyface back as champion, and the layers to Darby Allin’s character are so much deeper than any of the other pillar options.

MJF dropping the belt at Double or Nothing may be a risk heading into Forbidden Door and All In, but Darby Allin fits the bill to be AEW’s next big star with a wrestling legend by his side.