Seth Rollins: Three other random opponents better than Omos for Backlash


WWE’s random match generator could have easily created a better option than Omos for Seth Rollins at Backlash

The WWE has a Seth Rollins problem. The company does not know what to do with one of the best performers in the industry today. It’s clear that he has no direction, regardless of fans consistently loving him and everything he does. This became even more apparent when his match for WWE Backlash 2023 was announced. He will take on Omos. Yes, Omos. An individual he’s had zero on-screen interactions.

It’s a match that screams Vince McMahon’s booking direction and makes no sense in the grand scheme of things. This is a company that boasts one of the best rosters in the world, and this is the match that gets pulled out of a hat. There are so many different reasons this is the case, all due to lackadaisical booking decisions from within. But if random matches were the decision, here are three matches WWE could have booked for the multiple-time champion that would at least receive a positive reaction from fans instead of a collective groan of apathy.

LA Knight

As with Rollins, LA Knight is another member of the WWE roster that fans are behind, but the company fails to utilize correctly. Knight is a professional who knows how to turn around the bad creative placed on him, shining in those moments. Look at his work with Maximum Male Models and his recent angle with Bray Wyatt as examples.

Yes, Rollins and Knight are on separate shows, but when has WWE ever followed any of its own rules? Bring these two individuals together under the guise of two cocky wrestlers who want to prove they are the best and let them have a 20-minute match that would rock. It’s that simple. This would be Knight’s biggest match since hitting the main roster and another opportunity for him to show that he’s ready for a top run.

Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes has sat on the sideline since his last television appearance in November. In February he competed in a dark match against Ashante Adonis, but that didn’t amount to him making a main roster appearance. Grimes is one of the best talents under 30 years of age in professional wrestling, but WWE fails to utilize him in a way that matches that value.

As he did before WrestleMania 38, Rollins could be slotted to face a “mystery” opponent. This time Grimes would answer the call. It would be an opportunity to showcase his abilities against one of the top performers in the company, introduce a new face to main roster fans, and give Rollins a big win on a PPV stage.

Dolph Ziggler

Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler have had many matches throughout their time on the WWE roster. And with each outing, they remind fans that they both deserve consideration when debating the best in the game today. Putting them together once again and telling them to “Go kill it” would be a mission they’d both achieve with ease. At least they have the history of playing off that could be used to build a PLE match in two weeks’ time, rather than throwing something together that fans do not want to see.

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