Matt Cardona has taken over the Indy scene, is a return to WWE in the cards?


The ‘Indy God’ Matt Cardona has been racking in many championships on the indie circuit. After all the work he’s put in, doesn’t it make sense that he gets a WWE run at the top of the roster?

Matt Cardona had an extensive run in WWE of course—fifteen years to be exact, from 2005 to 2020, but since being released, he has more than made a name for himself on the indie pro wrestling scene.

But the question now is: After all the work he’s been putting in, when will he get another shot in WWE? And don’t you think he deserves a run at the top of the company that at one point had forsaken him? We sure do.

The days of the Zack Ryder gimmick are gone and really it was a great start, but a departure from that character was in order and he seems hell-bent on it as well.

"“I tried to get the Zack Ryder trademark…It had lapsed. WWE had let it go and I, and I tried to get it … I wasn’t going to be Zack Ryder on the indies. I wanted to film a Zack Ryder versus Matt Cardona cinematic match, you know, Matt versus Zack…I knew there was a chance WWE would try to stop that. They contacted my lawyer and I said, ‘Okay, you got it. I’m not fighting this.'”Via The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy / Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)"

Personally, I believe a cinematic match like that would have been interesting to see, but perhaps that’s only me.

If I may, a comparison to Cody Rhodes can be made here when looking at Cardona. When Cody reached that invisible ceiling in WWE with that Stardust character, he went out and not only dominated on the indie circuit and at smaller promotions, but he helped launch AEW—WWE’s biggest source of competition since the heyday of WCW.

Mercedes Mone, the former Sasha Banks, is seemingly interested in doing the same thing and has found great success in Japan.

In essence, what all of this teaching the industry: That this is perhaps how legends are born, and that’s the way to get the attention of those that perhaps overlooked you in the past.

And if I were Triple H, Matt Cardona would be one man out there that I’d be watching and watching closely. He has the experience now to make it in a run at the top.

And with WWE reintroducing a viable title this past Monday night on Raw, that is likely to change hands again, a title that fans can be proud of and hopefully becomes its main title, I definitely see Cardona vying for that title, and heck maybe even one day soon going against Cody Rhodes himself for it.

What he accomplished on the Indies?

Whoa! Where do we start? Perhaps the appropriate question would be instead: What hasn’t he accomplished in the Indies?

First off, since his release from WWE in 2020, he has taken many promotions by storm. He is currently signed to not one but two of the higher-ranked smaller promotions, both Impact Wrestling and the NWA, and has held titles in both.

Secondly, he has made a name for himself by not only having matches but holding titles at promotions speckled throughout the independent scene.

Some of the gold he’s adorned his shoulder and waist with include

  • The Wrestling Showcase Championship
  • The World Series Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
  • The Squared Circle Expo Championship
  • NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship
  • The Impact Wrestling Digital Media Championship
  • The Jericho Cruise Oceanic Championship,
  • The All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
  • The Absolute Wrestling Intense Championship
  • The GCW Heavyweight championship

When does this man sleep? Not sure, but maybe for Cardona, it’s as good old Bon Jovi once said: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Cardona seems hell-bent on making a statement and letting one and all know that he means business. He certainly checks all 3 boxes: The physique, the talent, and the work on the microphone.

The possibilities for him on the WWE roster are endless…

In the end, a run in WWE should seem inevitable to one and all, specifically Triple H, and not just a run such as the one he had in the past. Matt Cardona deserves a run at the top, as stated…one where he will be vying for a top title and be in top storylines. He has a lot to offer; he’s learned a lot and has the respect of indie wrestling fans, which helped Cody Rhodes a lot in his return to the company.

The possibilities are endless…storylines with the likes of Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Solo Sikoa, Austin Theory, a hopefully returning Ciampa…and the list most certainly goes on from that point.

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Let’s hope it happens, dear readers and Cardona fans. This writer is surely looking forward to it if and when it happens. (Better happen).